Seeing 11:11 and other repeating numbers?

Those are angel numbers.  

Angel Numbers are a series of repeating numbers and number sequences linked together. 
When I started seeing other recurring numbers like 1122, 555, and 777 and more, I became obsessed with the messaging it hold. 
As a result, I began to inquire about the meanings of the numbers through my clairaudient abilities to guide me through their manifestations.
Sometimes it is hard to believe in the spirit world, because we can not see it.
Our minds convince us to seek justification for everything.

It's time to pay heed to the figures that keep chasing you.

The super-powers that will become accessible to you are unprecedented.

Take faith in the fact that this energetic portal has actually opened for you, and life will seem to be 

moving quickly.


It's important to stay grounded, present, and hopeful with your thoughts and emotions.
Believe, and recognize that the Universe and angels are by your side, and that everything you want will be unveiled in complete Divine order.  
So every time you see the same number on the clock, don’t neglect it.
The fact that you’ve turned your head and checked it at exactly this time means you were meant to see it!

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These are all the frequent numbers you can use when you start encountering a number sequence to help you get started with your awakening journey.

I'd like you to visualize what it might feel like to collaborate with your angels every day, receiving guidance that is meant only for you.
You are chosen.
You are ready.
  • Can you believe you'd be better if you did? 
  • Is it more picturesque?
  • Will you benefit from more clarity?
  • Can you believe that making choices will be a 100x times easier?


I promise you that’ll change when you open up your email inbox and use the angel affirmations.

In fact, a lot of things in your life are going to change for the better, once you begin receiving repeating number sequences from the universe!