What is 5d in spirituality? What is 5D frequency?

We are having a bigger and bigger and bigger rift or wedge between what's known as 3D consciousness and 5D consciousness. 3D consciousness is a bit lower. It's very fear based. It's based on scarcity, on conflict. And we're shifting more into what's called 5D consciousness, which is the future of humanity. It has a lot to do with unity, with cooperation, with love, with compassion. And so 5D consciousness is a peg above 3D consciousness. It's been happening since 2021, and continuing here into 2022 and they're becoming more and more further apart from each other. 

Instead of thinking 5D energy and 3D energy as being completely far away from each other, where there's a fine line between these two levels of consciousness, imagine Russian Dolls. Because really, what's happening is 3D consciousness is contained within five d consciousness. It's almost like they contain each other, like Russian dolls do. So Russian dolls, if you've never seen them, a Russian doll, there are bunch of different dolls of different sizes and they're all kind of cased inside of each other. So 3-D consciousness is contained within five D consciousness. 

The difference between three d fear-based consciousness and five D, which is a more ascended love based consciousness. One area that's been most emphasized when it has to do with 3D consciousness versus five D consciousness is in the area of information.  the universe is built of information. You're surrounded by information, you're made of information. There's a difference between organic information and inorganic information.

So organic information is the information that is based. It's based on love and connection. This type of information is what you get from connection to the Earth. This is the information that the Earth passes to you directly. This is the information that you get from your body. This is the information that you get from heart to heart interactions with other human beings or other living creatures. This is called organic information.

Then we have inorganic information, so inorganic information is fear based. Inorganic information is more artificial in the sense that anything that is fear based really is distorted. This is what can be found, for instance, in big machines like the media.  What's going on there is that we're being fed information from big machines like the m-e-d-i-a. But then there's also money flowing into m-e-d-i-a. So for example, if you if you watch a news piece on something, and let's say that it's talking about a product and the new station is making that product seem positive, then you come to realize that the news organization is being paid advertising money by big corporations to say a certain thing and so then you end up with editorial control over this news organization.

So this is a kind of just one example of what inorganic information looks like. There's an ulterior motive to it. It's fear based. It's not organic in nature. And so what ends up happening is inorganic information is filled with distortions. Sometimes what you watch on the news is true, and sometimes it's not. So it's not all bad, but the point here is that there are inorganic information networks within big machines like the media that sort of feed us information that they want us to hear. Not necessarily what's true. And so this is just an example of the difference between organic and inorganic information and how those things are being played up right now.

Another example of inorganic information would be found on social media, for example, social media platforms have the wonderful capacity to connect us, especially if we're far away from each other. But the underbelly of social media, the negative aspect of social media was that it was really created to extract information and energy and time from you.

Social media networks are made in order for you to stay looking at a screen, to stay online, to stay on the network and to not come off. They want you to stay in this virtual reality as opposed to the real reality.

This is the dark underbelly of social media. Inorganic information networks are starting to disintegrate, they're continuing to disintegrate and organic information is coming up to the surface more. And we know this because we're seeing this all over the place. There's problems with social media platforms, there's been hacking, there's been all kinds of things. There's been a lot of talk about, you know, what social media networks do with our personal information. There's a lot of that is coming to the surface. And so all of these things coming to the surface and this inorganic stuff is starting to fall.

People are starting to notice that sometimes what they see on the news isn't actually true because now they're realizing that these media organizations are being paid from corporations to say certain things and to not say certain things. All of these things are becoming clear to people. And so these inorganic information networks are falling in. The organic ones are being are being brought up. Now what does this have to do with 5D in 3-D? Well, you know, the inorganic information networks, this is really what's kept 3-D consciousness hold on this planet and powerful on this planet. And now, as we're moving into 5D consciousness, it makes sense that all of this inorganic information falls. But this is where you come in, and this is the super important part of inorganic information versus organic information. And here's this pro tip for you. Really important reminder you're going to have to become more and more conscious of what information you are consuming and from where. OK, so you have to become more aware, more conscious, really understanding that there are certain information that you're being fed that may not be true and there's other information that you're receiving that is true. And we have to learn how to resonate with that information that's true for us at any given moment.

Being able to discern what's true for you and what's not a good way for you to start learning how to do this is to really pay attention to your sensations, to your feelings and to your body. Sensations and feelings are so important. Your body never lies to you. Your body is always telling the truth. And the more in tune you are with your body, the more you're going to be able to smell to sniff out this inorganic information versus organic information. OK, so just pay attention to your feelings or sensations in your body as you're consuming certain information. So if you're consuming one information and it doesn't feel right for you, there's something about it that is not resonating is true for you. Use your body as this beautiful mechanism to show you what the truth is for you. Another way of of kind of helping you out is to connect you more with organic information.

So you get organic information from the Earth, from your body, from heart to heart connections. So a great way to get used to feeling this organic information is just simply take your shoes off and take your socks off and just put your feet on the earth again. You're receiving all this beautiful, a beautiful organic information from Mother Earth herself. 

Having heart to heart interactions with real human beings actually face to face with each other, not just on screens. Connect with people who are less toxic and genuinely want to make their lives better and not constantly using you kindness as an excuse to not better themselves independently. Always running to you when things go wrong. Never taking responsibility for their mind body and spirit?

OK, so there's another great way of doing that paying attention to your body, doing a little bit of contemplation or meditation so you can feel your body and all of the sensations. This is connecting you more to organic information and allowing you to just fizzle away from the excessive reliance on inorganic information. Now all of this discernment, knowing what is organic information, knowing what is inorganic information, feeling what feels like 3D consciousness and what feels like 5D consciousness.

This is all important, and it comes to this to this first theme of choice points, because it's us really realizing that we have the power to choose where our focus is going. We can totally focus on 3D, we can focus on Fear-Based stuff, we can focus on inorganic information on being fed information that isn't true.

There's never any judgment from spirit. But the point here is that the choice points are super important for us because one choice is going to feel very different from another choice. The more I choose inorganic information, the more I choose being stuck in fear based consciousness in 3D consciousness, the more uncomfortable life is going to be.

So if we stubbornly hold on to these lower levels of consciousness, our lives are just going to be more painful than necessary. OK, so that's where the choice points come in. Be very, very choosy on the information that you consume. What resonates as true focus more on organic information. Focus more on being in a place connected to your heart. This is 5D consciousness focus less on fear, focus less on judgment, on lower density energies and focus more on this high 5D consciousness that's really going to help you making the year more smooth for you.

You don't have to be in a hurry all the time. We've just we've been so programed to hustle, to do everything really fast, everything being accelerated, everything being in a rush. We used to know how to live slowly and mindfully, and we've kind of lost that. Technology has kind of helped accelerate our ability to kind of move and do things really quickly, and technology has made that a little bit worse. That's one of the shadow sides of technology. And so we've lost the ability to just slow down and pace ourselves and just takes things slowly.

The understanding here is that the energy itself is already super accelerated. It's part of this movement into what's known as the age of Aquarius. The energy is already super accelerated. It's becoming higher and higher, it's becoming more and more accelerated.

And that's a really important skill for us to relearn generations past. Remove yourself from this culture of hustle. There's still a really, really strong predominance of the hustle culture, especially in Western cultures. You don't need to hustle in order to get things done in this type of new energy. We can learn how to work more efficiently with these energies without having to hustle and burnout.

It doesn't mean that you don't do things. It doesn't mean that things don't get done. It just means that things are done more meticulously in a steady fashion. There's no rush. There's no hurry. You still get stuff done, but you get stuff done with more grounded-ness, more mindfulness, more patience and a lot more clarity on where you're going. I love to cultivate this art of moving slowly. So I will deliberately slow down activities like, you know, brushing my teeth, slower cooking food, slower eating slower.

In 3D consciousness, doing life was just a little bit harder, it involved more struggle. 3D consciousness is all about struggle. You have to you have to drive yourself forward to materialize your dreams. You have to hustle, you have to basically struggle. So there's there's kind of struggle imbued inside of 3D consciousness. Well, once you start getting into 5D consciousness, once you start learning how to work with these new, more accelerated energies, what ends up happening is that if you bring what you learned in 3D consciousness and you try to apply it in five D consciousness, it won't work. And so the idea here is that you don't need to struggle in order to live in five d consciousness. It's a totally different paradigm. There's more ease.  You can live life and you can create your dreams and materialize your dreams, but you can do it with more ease than we were doing before.

Speaker 1: We're slowing down a little bit, but we're not stopping. We're still materializing our dreams. But we're just doing it from a completely different paradigm that we were doing before. It doesn't have to be a paradigm of struggle. It doesn't have to be a paradigm of getting things done the hard way. OK. And this this is this is something that whether we realize it or not, it's so heavily imbued in ourselves. And I'm going to give you an example of of this may you may resonate with this just the difference of what's going on in 3-D consciousness and what we even value and what's imbued in us, what's programed in us. So if you'll notice and this is still true to this day, the people that we admire the most are people that come from rags to riches, right? Like, we love to hear those stories of people that were dirt poor had absolutely nothing. And then, through sheer effort, they made it to millionaires or billionaires. So we really admire people who have these rags to riches or, you know, like pain to triumph kind of stories. But then when we encounter people that, for example, have inherited a lot of money. So when we our attitudes towards people that have inherited a lot of money without doing anything to get that money, we don't 

Speaker 1: have a positive opinion usually of of people who who have come from like the silver. We call it the silver spoon or, you know, we have different terms. But you can see that a person that's born into money is very treated and seen very differently than a person that rose from rags to riches. OK, so you see what's going on here? It's almost like we in order for us to admire someone, they have to be required to go through crap and to have all these challenges and to be able to rise from very difficult circumstances in five consciousness. What's the problem? There's there's no problem whatsoever if someone's born into money, if someone gets something without exerting any effort. There's no inherent judgment here. We can all materialize things with more ease. And that's the point here is to kind of let go of any kind of templates or beliefs that we have in us that good things have to come the hard way. They don't, they don't good things don't have to come the hard way. You can get good things through ease also.

This is a big shift in paradigm. You do not have to struggle. You don't have to go through hell in order to materialize your dreams, you can materialize your life. You can live your life with a lot more ease and a lot more flow. And this has a lot to do with us understanding that we're constantly guided and loved by the universe and we're in a dance with the universe. We're never doing this alone. And so if we have this understanding, we can live life with a lot more ease with a different energy. And so we let go of these 3-D templates that tell us that good things have to be done the hard way.

This is a really important theme. To be in is a lot more to materialize your dreams with a lot more ease and releasing any kind of hot hustle energy, any kind of struggle energy that we may have, especially beliefs around this. Now, learning to live with is another way of saying this is that this is a very heart centered kind of energy, so it's learning to live with joy and light heartedness.

Not everything has to be difficult.

Light workers are souls that have been down here many times trying to assist the planet and helping the planet and helping humanity. In the past, they came down here and they had really challenging lifetimes. They had lifetimes of a lot of suffering and a lot of struggle. And that was partly because they were incarnating in 3D consciousness. And so that struggle is already imbued in 3D consciousness. And so light workers ended up having a lot of difficulties and suffering in their lives. So if you're a light worker, sometimes you can have a little bit of resistance to just the idea of living with ease, because you can be saying to yourself, no, life has to be hard. And I'm saying this because this is something that I really had to work through to.

In my understanding, I had a belief in my unconscious mind that a life of service was a life of sacrifice. I had this belief inside of me that I was only helping others and helping humanity if I was sacrificing myself. That was something I held for a really long time, and I didn't realize that it was coming from this heritage of being a light worker and being down here so many times. And I had to clear that belief from my energy system and to open myself up to living with more ease to understanding that I can help others in that I can assist others without having to sacrifice myself. It doesn't have to be this kind I have to lose something for someone else to gain. If you're a light worker, let go of this. If you have any kind of unconscious beliefs that life has to be hard or that you have to sacrifice, let go of that unconscious belief. It's something that you're bringing from the past, and it definitely doesn't have to apply now.

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