Why do I keep seeing angel numbers everyday? Must read!


So the first number that I want to get into is seeing five, five, five. Now, this is a very important number when it comes to upgrades, and I'm going to explain to you why that is. So typically when you see five, five, five, it can signify that a huge change in transformation is going to be happening in your life, something that is unexpected, something that could be a surprise to you.

We come down here because we have contracts with people. We have already kind of arranged everything before we are born and we kind of, you know, we arrange everything so that everything will kind of happen in certain ways, so that we can fulfill our purpose in life and our mission. 

Your state of being and your state of mind is moving into the five D and you're starting to awaken. You're starting to become aware of this. And things are going to start to get a lot easier for you. You'll be able to manifest things so much quicker and more easily because your state of consciousness has changed and you're starting to see that the universe is working with you and in your favor and not against you.

This is the one that I've seen the most for so many years. I would see this number and I could never figure out why I kept seeing it. You know, a lot of times I would see that number five, five, five when I was in a situation where I was in the three D and not seeing the purpose of everything and just kind of stuck in this third dimensional reality.

Now, another common sign that you're being upgraded is seeing 1111. When you see 1111, often that means that you are going to have a spiritual awakening or you are about to have a spiritual awakening. 11 If you look at it, it kind of looks like a doorway, like a gateway or a portal into another reality, into another dimension.



So often when you see 1111, it means that you are going to have a spiritual awakening or you're already in the process of having one. So you're being upgraded completely on a spiritual level. And many times when you see 1111, it really does mean that that is a portal that is being activated for you. Right at the second that you see that number, a portal is being opened and activated for you. So step right through, be confident, be positive, and step right through that portal.

And the world is just going to start to open up so much for you as you go down the road of this spiritual awakening that you're about to have. Now, when you see 11, 11, 11 can also be the sign of the twin flame. So sometimes when you see this number, it can also mean that you're being upgraded on the path of the twin flame. So you're going to meet your twin flame or you've already met your twin flame. And that's a sign that that is your twin flame. And often when we meet our two flames, the twin flame is kind of like the catalyst for a spiritual awakening. And so that could also be an upgrade as well. Basically, it's telling you that an upgrade is going to be happening for you either in the future or it's already underway.

Three three often represents the Christ consciousness. So what the Christ consciousness is, it's the awareness that we are all one. We are all connected. Three, three, three is also the number of the ascended masters. And when you see this number, it can mean that the Ascended Masters are with you and they are helping you. To upgrade, they are upgrading you to become more cohesive. So they are upgrading you to be more cohesive in terms of the spirit, the soul and the body. So that is the Trinity, right? Those are the three things that make up basically a human. That's what you are.

You are spirit, a soul and a body. So when you see three, three, three, it can mean that there's been a lack of cohesiveness between your soul, your spirit and your body. But the ascended masters or your guardian angels and spirit guides are helping you to become more cohesive in those areas. You are becoming more balanced. You are becoming more integrated with all aspects of you. Your soul, your spirit, and your body are starting to become one.

And once this happens, once you become more cohesive, then the world will open up for you and you'll be able to create whatever you want. Three is an extremely creative number, and through the process of becoming more cohesive with these three elements, you are going to be upgraded to the point where you will be able to create whatever you want. And that means creating your own reality, creating the life and the things you've always wanted. So if you're seeing this number, it could be that that process is starting to happen for you. 

Four for four is often considered the number of the angels, and when you see this number, it can often represent that your guardian angels are with you at the very moment that you see that.

It's kind of a way to comfort you and let you know that even though you can't see them, they are there and they are supporting you. And often, in difficult times, you might see that number as a way to comfort you and let you know that they're by your side, even though you can't see them. So that is the traditional meaning of the number four, four, four. And when you see that number, you're being encouraged to give your worries and your concerns away to your guardian angels. Give them your concerns and your worries. Whatever you're worried about, just tell them to take it away from you and do this 500 times a day if you have to. As many times as it takes for them to get in there and just clean up the mess for you. 

When you see this number, you're being upgraded with their energy. They're surrounding you with comforting, healing, supportive energy, and whatever it is that you're worried and concerned about, if you give your worries and your concerns to them and ask them to transmute that energy into positive energy, then you, your whole life will become upgraded. Try to think of your guardian angels as the cleanup crew. So they're there to just clean it up, clean up the mess of whatever it is that is going on in your life.

And so they're just sitting around and they're waiting for you to ask them for help. So do it. When you see that number, they're encouraging you. They're encouraging you to just give your concerns to them, let them take care of it, let them be the cleanup crew. And by doing that as many times as you have to, every single day, they are going to be upgrading you and upgrading your energy in so many ways you can even imagine. And they are working behind the scenes in your favor, doing things, pulling strings for you, doing all kinds of things that you can never even imagine. They're doing that behind the scenes just for you and helping to upgrade your life. So often you will see that number when you start to become worried and concerned about something. Now you know exactly what to do.

Six, six, six really has gotten a bad reputation. And this number can also mean that you are being upgraded. So traditionally, when you see the number six, six, six, it can mean that there are some areas of your life that you might be imbalanced in. Six is a number of balance. So there could be an area of your life that you become imbalanced in, right? That needs to be balanced. However, six, six, six, in terms of being upgraded can also mean that when you see that number, you are being reminded that you are an alchemist. So we're here in the third dimension, but in the sixth dimension that is the dimension of the alchemist, and those are the people that put reality together and create things. And when you see that number, it's kind of like reminding you that you are your own alchemist. You create your life, you create your reality and your experiences. You are the creator.

And so it could be that they want you to know that your ability to be an alchemist and a creator of your own reality and your own destiny is being upgraded at this time. You are going to have more power in this area. You're going to become more aware of it. You're going to become an alchemist. And your ability to manifest things is going to be increased. And you are being upgraded in this area at this time when you see that number.

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