[2023] Can someone manifest bad things to happen to you?


Thankfully, you cannot, but even though you cannot manifest for someone else, you can definitely have an indirect impact on someone. It's actually far more difficult than you imagine to try to generate anything unpleasant.

Any form of bad idea has a very low vibration, and it takes a great deal of negative energy to create it. Yes, the majority of people do bring about awful things for themselves, but they do this because they frequently dwell in the negative. Since you cannot adopt another person's consciousness, you cannot manifest on their behalf.

Many people assume they can manifest for others because they have a limited comprehension about the law of attraction.

Any attempt to accomplish this will be fruitless since, in actuality, you will generate those negative things for yourself rather than for others.

The fundamental law is the law of vibration.You will manifest whatever you are in vibrational alignment with.

That is exactly why you can not manifest bad things for others because you can not assume their consciousness. You can not ‘be’ someone else’s vibration.

Every attempt you may have to attract bad things for someone else will in fact be attracted into your own life.

You need to understand that you have no business interfering in someone else’s manifestation.

You do not know the path their soul is on.

Whether you have good intentions or bad intentions for another, it makes no difference.

We all have a sacred path we walk in this life. We all have our own dharma and trying to interfere in someone else’s life path is an attempt to violate something as sacred as life itself. Whatever bad things you have in mind for others will manifest in your own life.

You may have bad intentions for another but the law of attraction does not understand ‘manifest for someone else’. It simply responds to YOUR thoughts and YOUR energy and vibration.

If you hold bad thoughts towards someone else, those are YOUR bad thoughts and because they are your thoughts they lead to your vibration which in turn leads to what you will attract into your life.


Only when you accept an idea and allow that energy into your life, can it take hold on your thoughts and your vibration.

The good news is that nobody can ever cause anything bad in your life. Nobody can manifest bad things for you unless you allow their bad energy into your life.

This is usually where the problem comes in.

If you are around someone who has the power to influence how you think and feel, then ,they can indirectly cause you to manifest bad things in your life.

Fear is really interesting. Fear is both an emotion and a response. Human beings have what we call the “fight or flight response”. 

This is a response that is built into our nervous system and is designed to keep us alive. It is a physiological reaction that happens in your body and mind when you are threatened in any way.

In our modern world we face very few physical threats and our imaginations have taken over and most of the stresses we experience in our daily lives now trigger this fight or flight response. Even though these stress factors are not really life-threatening, our minds and our bodies still respond.

Most of what you fear has no basis in reality. It is mostly stuff that you have made up in your mind to the point where you believe it.

There is an acronym for F.E.A.R – False Evidence Appearing Real. This is very important to understand because what you fear most may appear to be very real but it is in fact only something that was conjured up by your imagination.

Your mind responds to fear in very strange ways. You may get an unexpected bill in the mail and all of a sudden your mind starts racing.

You start thinking of all your outstanding bills, how some payments are due, how you might not be able to afford your rent, how your job is not secure and before you know it you see (and feel) yourself living on the streets.

There is a very important rule of the mind to understand when it comes to fear and that is, your imagination will always trump your logic because your imagination will take over and feed off the fear.

Fear is a powerful emotion and can consume your mind and if you do not control it, it will control you.


The reason why you attract what you fear is simply that when fear becomes your dominant thought then that is what you must attract into your life.

The law of attraction says that whatever you focus on will expand in your life. What you think and feel most of the time will be attracted into your life.

To say this in another way: whatever you place your energy and your attention on will expand in your experience.

This is exactly where the problem lies. Consciously you may want to attract a certain job or more money or your soulmate. You may have it written down, have a vision board and focus on it once or twice a day.

When you step away from focusing on what you DO want, the fear starts taking over again and becomes your dominant thoughts again.

Simply focusing on what you want in-between long spells of being dominated by fear is NOT enough to manifest what you want.


Gratitude is your natural state.

Removing all the junk and “taking out the trash” in your mind is liberating. We tend to hold on to the junk because it feels familiar even though it does not serve us.

Knowing this is powerful.

Fear is an energy that keeps you closed off and contracted. Love is an energy that opens you up and expands.

Become very careful with what you feed your mind. Everything you feed your mind, will have a consequence in your thoughts.

Fear can be a teacher to you. If you closely look at what you want to manifest most in your life,  you can see that there is some level of fear attached to it.

This is normal because anything new will always cause some fear of the unfamiliar but when you expose your own fears and examine them closely you will see how irrational they really are. Gratitude melts the fear. If what you want to manifest serves only as a reminder of what you don’t have, you need to shift your focus.

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