How to make affirmations work


Spiritual affirmations have the unique capacity to alter your inner peace emphatically adjusting you to the human soul's highest yearnings.


This is due to the fact that positive affirmation have tremendous creative and healing potential to your subconscious mind and improve your mental health by changing your negative thoughts.


Words are pictures that behave like devices to tune you in to the qualities you desire.


How do I get the most out of them?

Surely there must be some secret – some trick you’re missing on.

There’s really no big secret into it, really. However, if you say them the right way at the right time, you might start witnessing the major change in your life you were so hoping to see!

Your brain isn’t there to make you happy.

Your brain is there to help you survive.

So you can’t rely only on your brain to make you happy – you have to put in a bit of conscious effort yourself.


You can have an interrogative self-talk with yourself.


Often times, old, negative beliefs are so ingrained in your brain that you need to put actual effort into replacing old patterns of thinking with new ones.


And yes, positive thinking takes some time, effort, and dedication – that’s your foundation to set a new habit.


Can you imagine this – our survival instincts are so strong, that our brains treat positive thinking as a completely new habit!


And what’s the best time to start practicing a new habit?

First thing in the morning.


Simple, huh?

Using a variety of spiritual affirmations is critical since the psyche can generate its own nonsense and self-talk if you don't.


The mind generates a vast spectrum of analysis during the day, and if it is pessimistic, it will affect any aspect of your life.


For example, it is commonly stated that a variety of diseases begin with repressing emotions. We are strong creators, and all we create is a product of our words and feelings.


Spiritual affirmations enlist the help of elevated metaphysical resources, giving them a deeper meaning than general affirmations; they affirm the self and spiritual connection.


I do my affirmations right in the morning before my mind gets cluttered with everyday tasks. I also recommend you do the same.


I prefer to do it once I’m in the shower but you can also do it while you’re brushing your teeth or while doing morning yoga.


Here’s the morning affirmation I repeat to myself in the shower:


My life is growing bigger every day.

My life is growing BIGGER EVERY DAY.



Then I let myself feel joy.

It’s this immense feeling of content and security that wraps itself around me and follows me throughout the day.


Because my life is growing bigger every day!


The MOST important part is THIS! You can say your affirmations in the morning but still not witness the results you’re hoping to do so remember this: You have to feel the emotion of the affirmation you’re saying in order for it to work its magic!


Trust me on this one – your life can be growing bigger every day, too!


Some Examples of Affirmations

I trust my life is divinely guided.

I trust the outcomes in my life are for the best.

I trust that all that I need comes to me when needed.

I feel safe trusting God in my life.

I trust I am exactly where I am supposed to be now.

I can trust life.

I am in harmony with divine guidance.

I automatically live in trust.

I trust that everything works for the highest good.




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