2022: How to manifest moving to new york. How to manifest studying abroad. How to manifest visa approval.

I want to share how I manifested a move to America to set you off on the right track.

You don’t need to know the law of attraction to manifest something, because when I look back at me getting my visa to the united states, I found out that a lot of stuff that I’ve done to get the visa was what the law of attraction was teaching. This how to manifest moving to another country.

How to manifest visa approval. I grew up watching American movies and always hoped that one day I’ll be able to visit America. My visa was denied once before so when the approval came, I was elated.

I am from a third world country and I have accepted the fact we do not have a fair chance at any visa, much more a US visa because I have a “weak” passport.

Anyway, how did I manifest a visa to the USA without knowing about the law of attraction? It’s a combination of doing the paper-work, not giving up, believing it will happen sooner or later and not attaching a date or a year it is supposed to happen.

I enrolled into an American education program in my hometown with the intention of finishing up the degree in the States. That right there, was already the first step manifesting it to come true, because the law of assumption is at work.

The law of assumption is assuming things to unfold the way it does because you assume that it will unfold that way. Remember I mentioned that I was rejected for a US visa before? It never disappointed me. I just applied to go to Australia instead and it was granted.

This is aligned with detaching yourself from the outcomes and I had a lot of fun in Australia.You want to allow for the right timing of things, and you achieve that by first becoming a match to the things you desire so that you yourself are ready to allow them in!

So watching those American films till late night and visualizing and dreaming as a kid that I’ll be living the American dream one day paid off. In fact, the stamp for my arrival in Australia was the one that solidified my next successful US visa. The officer asked why I was rejected to enter the US before, I told him I had no clue, the US embassy officer didn’t give me a reason so I applied to go visit Australia instead.

He looked around my passport trying to find my stamp from Australia, saw it, and gave me the visa. Remember, rejection can help you get the outcome you want! Rejection can help you manifest.

The law of attraction says that if we are trying too hard, then it’s best to leave that topic alone for a while. Which was what I did, I went to Australia instead. Before I even applied for my visa, I was learning key information about what life in the USA would be like. America is a huge country, with different lifestyles depending on your specific location.

So I pictured myself living in California because it has no winter and I know weather affects my mood, I need sunshine. Entertaining the thought of how my life is going to be in California made that reality closer. I am acting as if. That is another step of law of attraction. I’m hoping this video serves as a motivation that your dreams can really come true. I got my United states visa approved twice, thats a whole other story, stay tuned for part 2 and don’t forget to subscribe.

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