Examples of vibrations in everyday life. Vibrational frequency of thoughts. What are vibrational thoughts?

We hear the word vibration a lot these days.

How do we enter into crystalline frequency?

How do we go into the fifth dimension?

How do we live our best life through raising our vibration?

Here's the thing, our perception creates our vibration.

Knowledge + perception = reality.

We take all the things you know about the world and then we add our perception to how we perceive that information.

Let's use a green pen as an example. 

Based on my perception around the pen, it creates my entire reality with the pen and my interaction with the pen.  So I could say I love this pen because I love the color green, and it reminds me of my heart chakra and I love it. Or my perception of this pen could be negative. I hate this pen because when I was in elementary school, I ended up getting stabbed by a pen just like it. Or whatever.

So you take the knowledge of the physical thing or the knowledge of the vibrational thing. We add our perception to it and it creates our overall collective reality individually. 

Perception equals vibration. 

How do we raise our vibration? We switch our perception when it comes down to it. That is brilliant because that alludes to the fact that we're in control of the vibration that we're in.

We could have two people in the same room observing the same thing and having two very, very different perceptions about it.

One billion people, one billion perspectives. 

The beautiful thing is, if you got stabbed by a pen when you were younger or you hate the color green or you love the color green, no matter what spectrum you're on, no matter what experiences you've had with the physical object, the person, the energy, the vibration, the emotion, there's really only two sides to the scale. 

Either your perception about something is going to be a high vibrational perception, or your perception about something is going to be low vibrational. It is adding or subtracting from your current vibrational state.

I want to say that it's not realistic to expect yourself to live in a high vibration all the time. It would be actually detrimental to expect yourself to be in a high vibe all the time.

We're human beings.

We're living in a dualistic reality. Every day we are confronted with dualism and polarity. When you can appreciate polarity, when you can appreciate dualism for what it is, which is. A lesson.

A lesson that enables us to grow because we get to experience and see both sides of things.

I'm still learning.

I'm still growing.

I'm still a student, you know, I still get triggered and pissed off and frustrated.

There are days that we have as human beings where we wake up and the world is just a shitstorm. And recently there have been those days where we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and we're like, you know what? Nothing's going right.

When we can just accept the fact that we live in a dualistic reality, we can move forward being open minded to understand that there's good and bad in everything. 

Our perception about something dictates our vibration around it.

So what do you need to do to change your vibration?

Be aware of your perception and understand that if you're looking at something from one angle, you're only seeing half of the picture. If you're only perceiving this reality as physical, you're only seeing half the picture.

Alright, thank you for reading this far.

Have a beautiful rest of your day. Have a great rest of your week. And give extra love to the things that frustrate you or trigger you or don't align to your beliefs or highest perception. Because it is amazing to be in this reality experiencing all of the things that this reality has to experience, even if they're negative. And that is beautiful in and of itself. Bye for now. 

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