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The dark night of the soul is a term for mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual struggles that someone will encounter at some point in planet earth.

The word "dark night of the soul" is from a poem by St. John of the Cross (1542-1591). He is a Spanish Carmelite monk and mystic, whose poem "The Dark Night of the Soul”) is translated as “Noche obscura del alma. “


You can read poem in full from this poem page: http://carmelitemonks.org/Vocation/DarkNight-StJohnoftheCross.pdf


This "darkness" can simply mean the absence of any understanding or knowledge as to what's happening to us or where we are going.


It simply means being deprived of the light (the seeing, the feeling and the understanding) that we are so used to.


Some of the different labels for the Dark Night of the Soul are:

  1. The Night Season

  2. The Divine Darkness

  3. Journey into the Desert

  4. Cloud of Unknowing


The most prominent emotion associated with dark night of the is soul the experience of being totally lost or feeling so alone.


You feel destitute.


Quite possibly the most well-known causes for going through dark night of the soul is cheating in a marriage or relationship or someone you love passed away from planet earth.

You will discouraged about life in general and that is completely common!

Self-destructive thoughts tends to be much easier than anything else. All the euphoria you feel for daily life and experience is gone.

Your previous happiness and excitement seem to be useless, vain and dumb.


All too normal, when going through dark night of the soul, you will feel powerless.

  • You experience anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and a heightened sense of dread

  • Rage is one of the symptoms

  • Blaming other people

  • Projecting onto others,

  • Self-pity or self-absorption,

  • Unjustified feelings of remorse and

  • Irrational fears 

    Are all common in the dark night of the soul. 

Everyone’s clinical symptoms is different among people who encountered it. For me, I simply cannot muster up the will or the power to carry out my everyday activities.
The first step for any person suffering is the awareness that for sure, everyone sooner or later, will encounter this. Even the most brilliant, wealthiest, sexiest people in the world have, at one time or another, journeyed into dark night of the soul.

Philosophical inquiries, for example, that might come up are:

  •  For what reason do we live , if dying is the end ?

  • What is there in the afterlife?

  • Is there re-birth?

  • What am I doing here on planet earth. 

    Why do you suffer when going through this experience? When you are adored, cherished and you live in your own bubble, you stay upbeat in your own reality. But when the dark night of the soul arrives, your whole life shifts because extraordinary torment brings tremendous changes.

    Benefits of dark night of the soul:

  • You will begin to have deep compassion for others who are suffering and we will be eager to comfort them.

  • You will be delivered from self-pity and self-righteousness.

  • You will begin to have an overwhelming desire for God/ Source/ Spirituality.

  • You will no longer be concerned about your own wishes, needs, and mindset.

  • You will learn more about life and acquire more understanding of the meaning of life.

  • You will experience a purging and a cleansing of your soul

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