Elon Musk Name Numerology: A Brief View of Numerology Concepts


E L O N   R E E V E  M U S K

5 3 6 5     9 5 5 4 5    4 3 1 2

 8+11        19+9          7+3

   19             28            10

     1               1               1






Elon Musk gives Europe's speech platform rules the thumbs up | TechCrunch

Elon Reeve Musk, wow, that is a lot of independent masculine energy with all the 1’s in his name! His first, middle and last name are all vibrating in the energy of number 1. 

1 is the independent thinker, domineering, innovation, the beginning of something new. His numerology indicates he is an assertive leader that requires the people he leads to work diligently and practice endurance.

As a number 1, a person like Elon has trouble taking a back seat and letting someone else lead particularly in matters of business. This can turn into a battle of the ego which breaks the camaraderie in a professional work setting.

It’s so interesting to see how he is composed of all this energy which we will explore even more. Elon’s number 1 energy has enable him to harness the stamina, focus and persistence to see a goal to fruition.

3 expression number is Elon's number and you get that because 1 plus 1 plus 1 is 3. Three is the most creative number of all, and also the number of self expression.

On the down-side, Elon can be superficial, moody, and intolerant.

He is emotional and sensitive, sometimes presuming criticism where none was intended. Musk can also be jealous and gossipy. He needs to beware of becoming cynical and sarcastic. These traits can suppress his natural creativity. He has a tendency to hide is real emotions from the public despite loving the limelight.



 E O E  E  V

 5 + 6 + 5 + 5 + 3

   11 + 5 + 10 + 3

             SOUL URGE =  11


11 soul urge, 11 is a master number so I’m not reducing it to single digit. These are known as ‘master numbers.'

If a master number appears in your chart, then you have a strong feeling that you were born to do something special. The powerful energy of a master number is there to help you to attain this goal. But handling this energy can be challenging. 

The energy of master number 11 is highly elevated. When your soul urge number is master number 11, it is like having a vibration of 2 (the digits in 11 add up to 2) but amplified to a large extent.

Creative and artistic, soul urge number 11 is a dreamer. But unlike some other numbers given to dreaming, 11 likes to turn those dreams into reality, provided it is one with a higher purpose that will ultimately serve others, not itself.

Elon Musk was born on 6/28/1971. This makes him a life path 7.

The Date of Birth determines Pinnacles and Challenges. 





In personal Numerology, the Pinnacles and Challenges are one of the most important energy cycles to observe.

In your life, there are four big cycles.

Each cycle gives you with particular chances and trials from which you might learn numerous lessons and grow spiritually over your lifetime. 

The Attainments, also known as Pinnacles, are a manner of predicting life's high points or possibilities. They predict the sorts of experiences you will have during that time, as well as the skills you will learn to help you cope with karmic debts and achieve more pleasure and contentment in life.

The Challenges identify times when you may want assistance to overcome certain problems, as indicated by the number. Challenges should be viewed as motivators. They are life lessons to be learnt, and they can pay off handsomely in the future. Knowing what your issues are and what they mean can help you recognize and conquer them.

First Pinnacle = Add Month and Day digit
Second Pinnacle = Add Day and Year digit
Third Pinnacle = Add the First and Second Pinnacle
Fourth Pinnacle = Add Month and Year digit
Challenges = Use subtraction instead of addition.

Let's put this together for Elon.




For example:

1st pinnacle ---> 6+1= 7

1st sub challenge ---> 6 -1 = 5

1st pinnacle is when someone is 0 from 29 yrs old and it looks like for Elon, he is in a 7th pinnacle , which means during elon’s most formative years he is heavily into introspection, learning, study and the gaining of wisdom.  It is often a period of being alone by choice. Success in this period comes from his hard earned knowledge and skill.  His life path is a 7 which is amazing sync up, which means whatever his true path is in life, it was very easy for him to see what it was and start himself on that path. He is very connected to his overall life purpose early on

A 7th pinnacle also means that the best experiences of his during that time were probable related to new knowledge that he was acquiring especially powerful knowledge that was answering the deep questions of the reasons why things are happening.

A sub challenge of 5 means that there can be some difficulty living in the present moment and really experience everything that you want to experience through the 5 senses and it can also be a lack of adventure and travel during this period of time.

2nd pinnacle = --->  1 +  9+ ---> 10 = 1

2nd sub challenge = ---> 1 - 9 ---> 8

A 2nd pinnacle is from the age of 30 to 39 and wow he has 1 pinnacle which means at this time of his life, his independence and authority will shine though. This is usually a potent time to take risks on something new or challenging. He had some deep realizations about himself and maybe that furthered his knowledge on what he wanted to do and how to spend his life and also he had some deep realizations or experiences about opportunities that he was taking. He was able to really refine his approach to the opportunities that he was participating in and taking advantage of  it.

Wow. It’s interesting though, because for some reason he has a challenge of eight here which would indicate there is a challenge around feeling successful and about ambition. 8 challenge number is about money ego and authority and elon has to be very careful not to be full of himself which will make him stray from his life purpose as a seeker of truth and humanitarian work for the world.

OK, now that you understand how to calculate pinnacles, I want to explain how the pinnacles work.

The energy in the First Pinnacle helps to shape your personality. It's there for personal reasons alone. This is the stage in our lives when we form our egos and define our sense of self. We frequently hang on to the views formed during this developmental period in later years.
Second Pinnacle:

The Second Pinnacle represents the summer of life. The energy found in this pinnacle influences our relationships with our family members and the way we direct responsibility where others are involved. This Pinnacle represents a productive time of life and prepares us for our next Pinnacle.

We mature and enter the autumn cycle of life at the Third Pinnacle, commonly known as "middle age." Our Maturity Number typically begins to make sense at this stage. We normally widen our horizons in order to gain a more global perspective.

Pinnacle No. 4:

As we broaden our consciousness to encompass a larger concept of spiritual knowledge in the Fourth Pinnacle, or winter cycle, we embrace deeper fulfillment. This is a period of life when you should be integrating your skills. The last Pinnacle aspires to provide incentives and possibilities for us to put our life experience and expertise to good use.

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