Why do we suffer in life? How to dig myself out of depression.

How are you today? If you are having a bad day, I've got a video for you.

There is a conflict going on within you because who you want to be and who you're told to be is at war with each other.  

And for me, I ask myself, who benefits from our suffering? Who benefits when we suffer?   The people who sell us things, the corporations, retail therapy are the ones who benefit from our suffering.

We are sold an image and told that the ideal body looks this way. We suffer because we don't look like THAT ideal body. The people who market to us benefit because we go and we pay the money so that we can look that way.

We bought diet pills so that we could look that way.

And the thing is, you know, material success is never a true definition of success because material things are constantly losing value. They're constantly breaking down and decomposing.

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