Spiritual root of clutter


“People hold onto stuff like their kids’ old clothing as a way of holding onto the past. Or they keep things they think they might need someday as a way to control the future.” ~Peter Walsh

Hi! I am such a procrastinator especially when it comes to cleaning!
Recently thought for the last few weeks, I have gotten into the spirit of cleaning for my mental health and a way for me to expand on my spirituality.
 I recommend, if you are feeling sad, lonely, empty, depressed, try decluttering with your favorite music for ten minutes. It will change your feelings of low vibrations to a higher one quickly. It is one of the fastest way to shift your energy.


It may sound simple to you but it works. If you don't believe go listen to your fav song right now and try not to dance or move your head or body. You will have trouble resisting the flow of music in your body. You cannot help but move! Please try it, it freaking works ya'll. Tell me in the comments what is your fav song that makes you move!


Spiritually, decluttering has taken me to a place of gratitude. I feel grateful for my belongings. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with downsizing and decluttering, i replace the emotion with gratefulness. Wow, i am able to afford all this stuff or wow people are so generous and nice to me that they give me gifts. And then all these happiness of being able to let go feels accomplishing.


It feels good that i can donate this to charity or to my friends too! You can sell your stuff too if you want. I don’t have a car so i wont be able make the trek and I'm not ubering because it cost more to uber than getting my clothes sold here in San Francisco.


Messiness to me is whatever stays there for quite a while and has no utilization or delight in my life. It can be furniture, fork and knives, books and magazines i have not read, clothes, things that are broken and have not been fixed, files on my computer.
You get the picture. In the event that I don't learn to use something it or appreciate it, I throw it away or offer it to somebody who can utilize it or appreciate it. I have a cat and i swear having my cat leo adds so much work to cleaning my house. I wont trade him for anything but it is indeed annoying when he tracks all his litter around the house and dips his paws in his water and leave marks on the counter top. Ish so annoying.
No matter how many times i tell him not to do it, he pretends like he doesn’t know what im talking about but i knows he knows what im talking about because when i go used to go out on vacation before the pandemic he doesn’t leave the counter a mess. it is only when i am around him. Anyway, the point of my cats story is that clutter is something that can taken over your space. 
So, your home can lose its meaning and becomes a confining and restricting force in your life because you don't have the space and the mental awareness to be alert and comfortable when people drop by unexpectedly or getting motivated to meditate because you don’t have an inspired space for it. You heard of feng shui right?
Feng shui is the name given by the Chinese to the famous ritual of decluttering. One of the basic tenets of Feng Shui is that nothing new flows into your life until you make room for it. Therefore, clearing clutter is the key to transforming your space. Feng Shui is about attracting harmony and abundance into your life, but clutter blocks good things from reaching you.
The East Indians are doing something identical named vastu. Whatever you call it, getting rid of dirt is a spiritual as well as a practical endeavor. I am actually half chinese and half indian by the way so that is why I tend to consume a lot eastern knowledge as well. Our current society shows us how to consume rather than how to replenish. 
However, in order to do true spiritual work in the inner and outer areas, in order to make room for the holy, in order to return to the soul, we must detoxify ourselves.
We must all learn how to love our space. Respect our space. Bless our space.
Why? Because, when it comes to the messiness of our space, you might not be aware of this but messiness keeps us from noticing what our attention need to be focus on. 
  1. Messiness makes it more hard to unwind, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.. 
  2. Messiness continually reminds us that we actually have a gigantic to-do list
  3. Messiness causes uneasiness because re-arranging stuff is overpowering .
  4. Messiness causes the shame and humiliation, especially when somebody drops by suddenly. 
  5. Messiness causes disappoints us by making it hard to look for the things we need-keys, charges, checkbook, and et cetera.


Clearing your messiness is an inside work - and that doesn't mean inside your home or your storage room.


We need to actively clean our house, much as we need to practice to calm our minds in meditation  so we can clear out the clutter of paralyzing emotions during meditation.


The reasons for mess are in your psyche, your deep rooted propensities, your spirit.


Messiness is an indication of the fear of not having enough, or the attachment to objects, or the misconception that you are insufficient without all your stuff. And on the off chance that you can get rid of it, set it out for the garbage, give it away, re-bless it to a friend, your space will sense freedom, and so will your mind.


Changes to the external environment have an effect onthe internal environment. 


According to Denise Linn, a feng shui author who has written books on decluttering, and aboriginal spiritual traditions, sorting clutter will remove energy blockages, stubborn thoughts, emotions, and increase your personal life force.


Having a central focus, irrespective of your spiritual beliefs, assists the subconscious in reaching the state of calm and reminding you of why you are in the space in the first place.  Place a religious icon, candle, or symbol against a wall on a plain table or desk to improve your focus on why are devoted to feeling happy.


Use color schemes like lavender or a light purple, as well as calm, calming colors like beigeor blue, to add harmony to a place. 


Colors like neon pink, green, or orange, which are the color equivalents to noisy colors have the reverse effect. Though bright colors can work well in an office or brainstorming space, they will not give those relaxing inside a home a sense of calm. 


Once You've Decluttered, What Do You Expect?

You'll feel awesome for getting rid of stuff and giving them it to someone who can use it more frequently.

You'll feel liberated.
You'll like your surroundings; just gazing at your wardrobe, for example, would bring you joy.
Physically, your body can feel lighter.
Cleaning up feels great since you're untethering yourself from an earlier baggage ( especially another person's item) by getting rid of unused items. 
It assists you with letting go, appreciating the now, and zeroing in on things that are making you happy in your everyday life.
It's also exhausting since you've just let go of a lot of weight and time from the past. 
I was so tired from decluttering my space that I fell asleep leaning back (seriously!)
I was carrying a lot of baggage, and letting it go helped my heart and mind to move to a new place.
I often used believe that I just can not let go of my possessions. 
Now I can't wait and love to sort through my belongings and find good homes for them –I'm ecstatic.
I feel great.
Your possessions carry on the position of a stakeholder in your previous ego-identities. 
You become mindful of your ego as soon as you know an object is merely an old identity.
We are our possessions, which isn't really a negative thing. 
Your clutter is entirely exclusive to you. It's a list of your wishes, desires, and memories, as well as an example of how your mind functions in its own way.
So when it comes to decluttering,  we literally cannot buy enough  storage containers, crates, and racks. 
Placing items in bins merely means that your belongings are finally out of sight.
It doesn't fix the key problems you have with gathering or being reluctant to let go of the objects, so you'll only keep doing what you're doing. 
You must clear the mess in your house to make a significant difference.

What Causes Clutter?

The very first part of getting rid of clutter is to figure out that you do that in the first place.


By identifying the source of the issue, you will improve understanding that can help you avoid and manage the clutter in the long run. Remember clutter does not have to be visible; it can even be unseen. The clutter in your mind and heart is almost as bad, if not worse, than the stuff you own. Where does your messiness come from? Where does it originate from? Is it because:


You feeling overwhelmed? This is just normal. Trying to find out where to begin when you have a lot of mess can be a major task. Note that you don't have to handle all at once to conquer the feeling of overwhelm. Begin with a single item and make a choice. 



Then move on to the next one. Take on a single compartment or closet at a time. 

Try reducing clutter for 10 min to see immediate results.

Is it over-responsibility? It is safe to say that you are an accommodating person and incapable to say no? Or then again perhaps you don't have the foggiest idea how to say no. Figuring out how to define boundaries is a good life skill. Keep in mind, your time is just about as important as anyone else’s.

Is it because you are you afraid? 

Are you scared of letting go of the past?

By clinging to ‘stuff,' are you clinging to the past (and maybe still staying there)? Are you concerned that getting rid of related physical objects would cause you to forget memory of someone or something? Or are you afraid that giving away something would make you regret it later when you need it?

Have you been hurt or do you have a longterm illness? 

You should give yourself as much leeway as possible in this situation. 

Then be frank with yourself and determine whether you need outside help. 

You can guarantee that if you're surrounded with clutter and it's dragging you down physically, it will be affecting your ability to recover.


Is it mental or physical exhaustion? Are you exhausted because your mind has been pushed to the breaking point? Perhaps you're coping with a stressful job situation or a family issue. If any of this describes you, allow yourself time to process and manage the stress. Going on a shopping hiatus itself is a way to handle clutter through this phase.



Now the big question is….are you ready to create change? If you are you can started for free with the complimentary 21 day of inner healing e-course that will help you declutter, simplify and organize your life. You will be guided step-by-step with daily videos and homework through the whole inner healing process!

Good luck on your soul journey and happy spring cleaning.



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