[2022] Gratitude: It only takes a penny or origami stars!

You heard of the gratitude list right? How about origami like folding gratitude stars?

I got a new way to do a gratitude journal but with origami stars!


r/somethingimade - Here's a handmade rainbow set of origami lucky stars in a jar

I used to do this when I was younger and just recently started folding stars in a jar as new way to perform gratitude.

I used to this a lot with my older sister!

You don't have to fold stars but you can put a penny in a container or a jar!

Get yourself a container.

Each time you experience a second that feels great to you, each time you have an idea that lifts your soul or moves you, in any event, for one minute, put a penny or a star in the container.

Each time somebody offers thanks towards you, put a penny in the container.

Each time you feel thankful for anything in your life, put a penny in the container.

Each time you feel cherished, put a penny in the container.

Each time you can take a gander at yourself in the mirror and discover your magnificence, put a penny in the container.

From the outset, it very well may be troublesome.

From the outset it might appear as though one penny in a container isn't worth a lot.

In any case, the pennies will add up. Continue to place pennies in the container.

In the event that you have an altogether lovely day, put a nickel in the container, possibly a dime or quarter.

Allow that container to address the remaking of your spirit, of your affection for yourself.

Each penny says to you that you are important, that your life has meaning.

Each penny addresses a mental breakthrough, a snapshot of confidence.

Continue to fill the container with pennies.

One day you will see that your container is spilling over.

You can't fit another penny around there and you might cash it out for yourself or buy something for someone etc.


And if you folded your origami stars, you can use it as a friendship gift to your friends and family :)


PS: Yes I know what you are thinking, here are directions on how to fold origami stars :)



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