Day 4: Numerology Illuminated. Understanding Self-Worth, Relationships, and Life's Patterns


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Welcome back!

My name is Bernadette Balla and this is a FREE 5 DAY WORKSHOP for YOUR BIRTHDAY IS NOT A COINCIDENCE!

Today, I'll share what to expect for the year 2023 in numerology energy, about Pythagoras, how you can use numerology in your life and how you can tie it all into action.

Numerology comes from Pythagoras, best known for his contributions to geometry and mathematics. 

He was also a great believer in the power of numbers as a means of understanding the universe and our place in it.

In fact, Pythagoras believed that each number had a divine energy that was imbued with spiritual significance. 

For example, the number 3 was associated with the divine trinity, while the number 7 was believed to be a mystical number associated with spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Tomorrow, is all about how to calculate your karmic lesson and using that number to motivate you further into achieving the life that you want.

Karmic lessons are lessons that will make your life better if you stop repeating mistakes that make you miserable.

You don't want to miss that one too!

There is no homework on Day 4.

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Tomorrow will be our last day, I'm a little sad.

Here's a recap on what we learned the past few days:

Day 1: Masculine and Feminine Days in Numerology & How it Affects Your Productivity

Day 2: Calculating Your Personal Years Through Your B'day and Going With The Flow. 

Day 3: Why You Keep Manifesting Bad Things Through Limiting Beliefs & How to Release It.  

Day 4: What to Expect for 2023 Numerology, Pythagoras & Numerology in Action.

Thank you for spending your precious time with me the last 4 days!

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