2022: Anxiety spiritual meaning​. What is a spirit of depression​?

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Okay. So let's talk about depression. So there's a lot of reasons why depression would be happening to an individual. But I want to kind of talk about why right now a lot of people are feeling the mental health and weight of the world. We are becoming more sensitive energetically and emotionally, which means that we're we're waking up, we're raising our vibrational frequency,

we're getting more and more in tune and more and more in touch with the energetic world around us, which means that we become much more sensitive to the energetic world around us, which means that we're feeling everyone's energy, we're feeling the entire world shifting, and we're feeling that at a very personal level. So that's a huge burden to bear. The other reason why you might be feeling the extra mental health pressure at this time is because we're extremely divided. 

There are going to be links below this video so if you want to understand more about vibration because I know for someone who is not familiar with the jargon it may seem like mambo jumbo so check out those links if you are stumbling upon this video.

The entire planet right now is so unbelievably polarized. It's really tough to find support in this world. It's really tough to find people who are truly living their authentic lives because everyone is continuing to attach themselves to an identity that they think that they need to attach to. So it's isolating. Even in the spiritual community, it feels like there is such a division happening, there is such a divide. Even in this community, there is a well, you don't believe in what I believe. So you must be on the dark side.

it's not an inviting place to be on planet Earth right now. And so it's quite scary. And so that's another kind of aspect of just feeling isolated, just feeling alone. The other aspect of what's happening right now is as the vibration increases, we are all being really deeply prompted to figure out what is not working in our lives, what identities, what materials, what people, what positions, what situations are just not aligned to the highest vibrational truth. And no longer can we scroll on social media or watch Netflix or buy a bunch of stuff from Amazon to hide the discomfort that we feel in not being aligned to our truth. 

What I'm trying to say is the veil is extra thin these days and there is no more convincing yourself that you're happy when you're not. You're going to feel bodily strains. You're going to feel panic attacks. You're going to have weird aches and pains. You're going to have weird rashes that crop up out of nowhere because what you're trying to convince yourself of is not actually the truth.

I don't believe that you need to rip away everything that you have to truly be happy, because sometimes when we make an extreme change in our life, it will actually prompt us to go back into fighter flight, to go back into survivalist tendencies, rather than to gracefully transition into a higher state of being. Okay. So those are a couple of things, reasons why I think mental health, depression, anxiety are just so, so extreme and intense right now at this time.

We are all leaders and teachers and it is through our experience, not necessarily our resume, more so our resume of life where we can add value to each other. Because I don't know everything. I haven't had all the experiences. I haven't been exactly where you guys are. So I try my best, but it is through the vulnerability and through the sharing where we can all come together and complete that for each other. Okay. So as you know, words have meaning and if you think about the word depression. What I look at when I see that word is deep, rest, depressed, deep. Rest. When you feel that way. All you want to do is rest. And why is that? Why do we need a deep sense of rest when we're feeling depressed? I believe that we actually need the rest. We need the break from the identity that we have cultivated in our minds, cultivated in our reality, and project out from moment to moment. 

We need rest from the world, from this identity, from having to care all the time. From having to say yes through obligation all the time.

Our entire lives are spent trying to figure out who we are and what our places in the world are. Our entire lives we are faced with other people, systems, situations, environments and predicaments where people are like, who are you? And what can you do for me? Where can I put you? We are taught from day one. That we should know who we are. So what do we do? Every single moment of our lives. Maybe I'm a six year old kid and the doctor asks me, What's your favorite flavor of lollipop? Because the doctor has grape flavor. For the rest of my life, I mean, this is a silly example, but for the rest of my life, I'm locked into this identity of  grape being my favorite flavor. And I can't change that because I've already decided to lock that in.

Once again, just a silly example. But through living this reality, we add the layers, we add the layers, we add the layers, and we get to a point where we are so stifled, where we are so suffocated. That we can't breathe anymore. We don't know who we are. We don't know why we're here. We don't know what the fucking point is anymore. And we have no one to turn to because everyone else is living their best life on social media. Everyone's got these beautiful pictures on the Sunset Beach of Maui. Right. That's depressing. That sucks.

We have to get to a point where we don't care about any of the labels, any of the identifiers. It's like you kind of have to hit that rock bottom to bring yourself up into an environment where you're okay being whoever you need to be from moment to moment. Right. You don't have to attach or project. And that's why I believe social media can be extremely damaging to us and our psyches, but also to the next generation. I mean, talk about filters, talk about likes, talk about followers.  it's an environment where all you give to the world is that 1%. That perfect photo out of ten photos.

So the way that I think about depression, anxiety and this feeling of overwhelm is. Think about it like, you know, that TV show Hoarders. 

You have a house and the house is filled from the floor to the ceiling with stuff, just stuff. Old magazines, clothing that you bought that you never wore. Makeup. Water bottles. Garbage, rats. I mean, who knows, right? Just like a ton of stuff is going on in your house. And one day you wake up, you crawl out of bed, you look around you and you realize, Oh, my God, I've been living in this absolute disaster. This is not who I am. I don't want to be here in this house, and I need to make a change for the better. Where do I even start? That's what I feel like the weight of depression is. Oh my God. I'm married to a person that I don't love. I have three kids who I love, but I'm locked in. I'm obligated. I have a mortgage that I can't afford to pay. I have a job that I absolutely hate and I don't make enough. I mean, it's just so much stuff coming down on you. It is very difficult to make a choice to change.

Because ultimately you're like, none of this stuff aligns, but it's so overwhelming that I can't change any of it. So I'm just going to be here and I'm just going to continue to convince myself that this is where I need to be or this is what makes me happy. And it's a spiral. And the spiral can happen for a year, it can happen for 20 years, and it can happen for the rest of your life. Maybe you look at your parents and you're like, Well, they were unhappy their entire lives and they never chose to do anything different about it. Well, you're here to make that change. I don't care if you are 17 years old.


If you're 27 years old or if you're 78 years old, you deserve to live your best life and you deserve to make a change, to have everything aligned to you. So even though you may not specifically know where the anxiety or the depression is coming from, in particular, most likely there are aspects of your life that are not aligned to your highest vibrational energy, to your most excitement. Which is okay, it is totally normal. But now it's time to do a little bit of housecleaning.

Now it's time to really take some real steps. And like I mentioned, it's not about throwing everything out the window and saying, I'm starting fresh. It's about taking what you have. Making small steps to get to a much higher vibration with all of the obligations that you do have. It's really difficult unless you want to be a nomad monk living in a temple for the rest of your life to really get away from obligation. 

There are going to be links below this video so if you want to understand more about vibration because I know for someone who is not familiar with the jargon it may seem like mambo jumbo so check out those links if you are stumbling upon this video.

But what we can do is we can shift the vibration of obligation in your human life to a higher frequency. honestly just one step at a time. Nothing big. Small, small, small changes are what's going to get you to the really the end goal of having everything change to a much higher frequency. 

So small steps first and one step at a time. Now, here are a couple of examples of good small steps to take. Say no instead of yes. So many of us as empaths, we feel what other people are feeling. So when someone's like, Oh my goodness, bernadette, I really need your help and this is going on in my life and like, hey, can you just, you know, pick up the phone for a couple of hours  like, talk me through this thing? You feel obligated to say, yes. 

And you do that to every person who asks for your assistance.

And all of a sudden you're living for everyone else and you're not actually living for yourself. 

But it's time to start saying no to others more often, to clear space, to say yes to yourself. So the next time someone asks you that they need something. I want you to really ask yourself. Is this something that I authentically want to do, or is this something that I feel obligated to do? And I want you to maybe make a different choice than what you would originally make and clear that space and then ask yourself, what can I do with that extra hour? 

What can I do with that extra 20 minutes? What can I do for myself with that extra time? Make a choice to be like, no. You know what? I'm so sorry. I can't help you right now. I'm actually really busy. And then go flop on the couch and watch some Netflix. That's okay. Because guess what? That's your choice. You decided to say no to someone else to do nothing for yourself, and that's an improvement.

You don't have to be productive all the time and fill the space with something you don't want. You can just chill. And with those small moments of making these conscious choices for you, you start to take your power back. You start to feel way more in control.

And slowly but surely, you're clearing space. And that way you don't feel like it's such an undertaking to change every aspect of my life just to be a little bit more authentically happy. Small steps, one at a time. Okay. 

Now, here's another thing that really got me out of my anxiety and depression, especially when I was younger. Uh. There was a certain point in time where I didn't want to know, so I didn't ask questions and I'm like, I'm just good. I'm happy, I'm good where I am. I'm actually not tho but I lied to myself. 

I'm just going to be here and good where I am. And then, there's a certain point where I got into Fuck it, I need to question things. So I questioned everything. Who am I? What am I doing here? What is this reality all about? What's what's going on? And like, how can I help and how can I be helped? And all of that.

When you start to get to a phase where you're curious and you're asking questions, the answers will start to come to you. So my next recommendation is to just open your mind and have a little bit more of a curious mind about who you are.

When you feel so overwhelmed and smothered with just all this stuff, you feel like you don't even have the space to ask these questions because you're at a place where you're just on autopilot. You're just surviving. You're just. Cycling through the same thing. You're spiraling. 

So get curious. Okay. Yes. So my next recommendation is check in with yourself more often. We just simply don't do this enough. How are you today? Hey, Bernadette, what's going on with you? How are you feeling? Why did you react like that a second ago? Are you okay? Where is that coming from? How can I help you? How can you support yourself? What do you need at this moment? Do you need a hug? Do you need to meditate? Do you need to journal? Do you need to take a walk? Do you need to just continue with your work? Where are you at? Check in with yourself. Where is your human? If no one is asking you that question, even if people are asking you that question, you need to be honest with yourself and ask yourself that question. How am I? Most of the time we don't ask that question because we simply don't want to know.

Back in the day, I was so worried to figure out how unhappy I was that I simply did not want to know. I didn't want to ask that question. How am I doing? How am I feeling? I feel like shit. I didn't even want to own it. So I didn't ask. When you start asking real questions to yourself, you start to be real fucking honest with yourself. I'm not okay. I'm not happy. This isn't working. When you admit to yourself that something's not working, things start to change.

You have to start getting real with yourself. And it sucks and it's confronting, but no one can do it for you. No one. Not a doctor, not a therapist. I recommend seeking help because go back to the image of your house being hoarded.

I can't breathe in this house, I can't move around. I'm stuck. If you want to clear everything out of your house, if you want to do a full, clean sweep of your life that takes a village. You don't have to just rely on yourself to do that. You should be seeking out professional help.I was led to believe that therapy is for some someone who has issues. Like it's such an older generation, thinking, oh, you're going to see a therapist. What's wrong with you? You must be really messed up. Nothing's wrong. It's just great to have an hour. A week, every other week. Once a month where I just get to check in with myself. Therapy is your accountability, partner.

And if you're not feeling supported by your friends and family. Then, yeah, you should probably seek out a village to help you. Well, I've got acupuncture on Thursday, and then I've got therapy on Friday and then I've got my psychologist on Saturday. We got to be doing this for ourselves. Check in with yourself. Where are you at right now? Where's your human at? How are you feeling in your body? In your emotions? 

What do you need that you're not providing yourself? Are you happy? Are you really happy? The scariest thing for us humans is losing everything that you think you have. But I got to say that you don't have any of it. None of it is yours. Not even this body. You don't own this body. You don’t own your mom or your best friend. None of that is yours. What you do have is your state of being. 

So how often are you focusing on the shit around you? Versus the stuff within you. That's what you have to ask yourself. Focus on things that actually matter. Because I'm telling you right now, the more you focus on the outside world and have this subconscious expectation, that, that is where happiness is going to come from, the more disappointed you get. And the less happy you truly are. I've been there.

The last suggestion that I have is gratitude.you really don't have to clean sweep your whole house. You don't have to walk away from this video thinking you got to drop your husband or leave your job or stop being a mom or stop paying the bills. That's not what this is about. The more grateful you can be for what you do have, the more you clear space for what you don't need to have. Really simple things. 

I am grateful for having access to fresh water that I can drink. I'm grateful that I have access to the Internet so I can spread my truth. I'm grateful that I can just speak my truth. I'm grateful that my family accepts who I am. No matter what that may be. Spread appreciation into your life about the things that really do matter. The more you realize and the more you drop all of the things that don't matter to you in your life. And you clear out your house really, really quickly when you start to do this. Not only do you clear your house really quickly of what doesn't matter, which is most of it, but you start to actually attract people. Situations, dynamics. Opportunities, jobs, abundance, freedom, speech in all of the highest ways that do matter.

And it's as simple as checking in with yourself. Being real honest. And being grateful for what you do have. And then you attract more of what is aligned to you. And the panic attacks get less and less. The crushing anxiety. The self-doubt. The intrusive thoughts. All start to ease, maybe not go away completely altogether at first. But it will get better. And I want to remind you that if you're watching this video and it's hitting home and you're feeling like maybe this video was meant for you at this time. I want to let you know personally, it's impermanent. It matters what you're going through right now. And this is a big part of your own cosmic, earthly, interdimensional, history. But this is just a momentary experience that you're having. So honor the experience as you're in it and when you're ready to move out of it, know that you are powerful enough to do so, but that it's also completely okay to ask for help.

In fact, it's important to ask for help. And once again, if you are at a very severe place with depression or suicidal thoughts, I really want to encourage you to reach out to your local crisis hotline. I’m Bernadette from skeptic turn mystic.com. Thanks for reading!

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