How do I know if I have karmic debt and how do I calculate it?



In numerology, we observe two different types of karmic numbers. We have karmic debts and we have karmic lessons. 

The current debts are the ones that hold the big punch. They're the ones that you're going to feel.

They're the ones that are going to kick your ass all the time as you're trying to get through life and sort through these debts. The karmic lessons have much less of an impact on you and they come from missing letters in your name, on your birth certificate if you want to find out what it is.

If they show up in your chart, we know that you're an old soul working on some old stuff. The current debt can also be referred to as a testing number, a warning number, or even a hidden number.

Basically, the karmic debt number indicates that you've got a debt to pay for a previous lifetime because of actions that you took. So when we see core numbers that have karmic debts attached to them, I know I'm dealing with an old soul.

Here's an example of how a karmic debt number might show up in your chart. For example, I have this karmic debt number. I was born on the 13th of august.

Remember that karmic debts can be seen in the life path number, the expression number, the heart's desire number, and also the birthday number. They can also be shown up in cycles and pinnacles in your chart as well. 

Everybody's got karma. We've all got lessons that we're learning. We've all got stuff that we're paying for. Those with karmic debt might experience a lot of frustration. They feel like they have to work really hard to accomplish any task. Think of it as a consequence of a previous lifetime that you might have been taking advantage of other people. 

So this time around, you are coming back to actually prove to the world that you can be a hard worker, that you can be disciplined, that you can be focused.

Now, some people take that to the extreme and become workaholics. The key to succeeding with the 13 is going to be about focus. Obstacles are going to come up time and time again that you're going to have to overcome.

But how you respond to the obstacle will determine your reality. If you respond in a positive way, you will get positive results, if you respond in a negative way, you're going to get negative results.

So the temptation with a 13 is always to take shortcuts, but oftentimes, what happens is when you're taking all these shortcuts you get really frustrated because you're not taking a step by step approach to things and you give up.

That's really common. What exactly is the 13 for karmic debt here to master? We're going to break this down. We're going to crack this code. Right. So we have to look at what does the one mean? What does the three mean? What does the four mean?

It's the same with your life path numbers. You know, I'm quite adamant about making sure that, if you're seven, what kind of a seven are you? Are you 25, 70 or 34? Or a 16 seven. It makes a difference in how we interpret your code. It's not enough to say you're just a seven. Likewise for the karmic debt.

My karmic debt is 13 and each one of those numbers means something. Let's look at the number one. First of all, in the 13 for karmic debt, you're here to learn how to be more confident for releasing self doubt, which is related to, number one, developing confidence to stand up for yourself, to speak up for yourself.

They're also here to learn how to channel their creative expression for the benefit of others. That relates to the three which is all about self-expression.

You may just have one number for your life path, or you may have a life path that includes steps or sub lessons like this 34/7.

The number furthest to the right is your ultimate life path number 34/7, the two numbers to the left are your steps to help you achieve your life path. To be the best Life Path 7 you can be. 

The most important of your steps or sub lessons is the number closest to the forward slash 34/7. 

Your individual life path is made totally individual by the sub lessons and all the other numbers in your chart. 

Remember, any numbers that come to the left, the slash. Here are the sub lessons to the big lesson. Okay. So these are important to note, right?

Where these numbers sit relate to how intensely you're going to feel them, too. So the three, for example, here, sitting next to that slash means that the number three is going to be the most dominant. Okay.

So that's the need to express yourself but feeling kind of insecure and unable to express yourself emotionally. 

The key to this character is learning how to master a step by step approach. So the four is all about being a planner, right? The builder. This is about creating a foundation.

So this is about recognizing that you need to come up with a step by step approach to achieve any goal that you want to. So the 13 four is here to work through stability issues related to the number four as well.

So if we break this down, this is all about you developing confidence. 

Number one is all about you. You're number one, right? So as you develop confidence to learn how to express yourself, but knowing that you have to do this step by step, taking your time and being patient.  They might get a little too hung up and focus on the details, causing them to feel really trapped, causing them to feel victimized, causing them to feel like life is just really frustrating overall.

Why does this stuff happen to me over and over and over again? You got to examine your focus, what is it you're focusing on? 

Are you getting a little too hung up on that last project that didn't go so well or that last relationship that didn't go so well? This is a debt So you're going to experience stuff like this. You chose to come back and pay this debt back. You're going to find that there are obstacles that are going to put in front of you, maybe more so than other people.

So the trick to this is choosing how it is you approach those obstacles. Approach it from a positive perspective or a negative perspective. Whichever way you respond to what's happening around you, it's going to determine your reality, right? So you might feel trapped. 

The journey is all about shifting your focus away from the have not mentality to the have mentality and focusing on what it is you are accomplishing and what you are gaining rather than what you're not. 

So if it comes in the expression number, remember, the expression numbers where your gifts and your talents come. And the expression number comes from the totality of all of the letters in your full name. So if the karmic debt of 13 / four shows up in the expression number.

The person with this debt might approach work in a very rigid one track mind. That's just their way. they come across really confident and they come across with this big bravado and whatnot, but inside they're kind of sinking because they don't feel really confident. 

It's kind of like Mother Bear who comes up and gets really big and ugly in front of you. She's doing that because she's scared, right? Well, the 13/ 4 tends to have a little bit of fear that they're going to be discovered, that they're not all that you know. 

Now remember, the birthday number is a sub lesson to the main lesson. The life path number is the big lesson. It's the big kahuna, and the karmic debt of 13 four as a birthday number is a sub lesson. Okay, so your date of birth is a sub lesson to the main lesson. So somebody born on the 13th is somebody who's likely going to be a pretty good organizer, an executive.

They have an extreme work ethic. They're very trustworthy. They're very much accountable. They can very quickly become a workaholic. Very persevering, very focused. They might miss the big picture, though. They might get a little too hung up on the details. Got to lighten up on that stuff. 

People typically, usually very good with their money, very good with their family. They really value family, but sometimes they can feel very limited and restricted. They might take on that victim mentality. Their feelings are often repressed.

So the three is all about learning how to express yourself and without being totally erratic, that kind of thinking things through and finding a way to present what they have to say without crazy emotions attached to it.

They can be overly focused on the need for security. The four really rely on security. They like to know their bills are paid. They like to know they've got money in the bank. They like to know that kids are going to have enough money to go to college, that sort of thing. or, it is to accommodate everybody else. 

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