Is manifesting like wishes that come true?


Like many people I have been coming across on a lot of Law of Attraction for some time, but it’s only very recently that it has begun to resonate on a deeper level for me. There is so much that has been written about manifesting and visualizing using the Law of Attraction, it is quite easy to get swamped in an abundance of information without really understanding the foundations of the principle clearly. 

This is my understanding of the three steps of the Law of Attraction as expressed through the teachings of Abraham Hicks. 

  1.  Ask. We are all asking for what we want by default all the time! Asking happens every time we think about the way we would prefer our lives to be.
  1.  The answer is given. The answer is created by the Universe and exists in a vibrational reality that we have the power to access using the next step.
  1.  Allow in the answer. We allow ourselves to match the frequency of the vibration of the things we have asked for by relaxing, visualizing, enjoying and feeling our way to that “vibrational reality” with our emotions.

The books and Youtube videos of Abraham Hicks offer a wonderful variety of creative processes to use as practical tools to help get us into the right frame of mind or feeling state to live our lives joyfully on purpose. 

Abraham Hicks takes the concept of energy being at the heart of everything in the universe, and like Albert Einstein, states that when you match the frequency of the reality you wish to attract, you cannot help but get that reality. In other words, focus and attention is the key. Whether you are focusing on the negative aspects or the positive aspects of a situation, you will be attracting that back to you. 

With this in mind it’s easy to see that hard work and forceful effort are not the way to successfully manifest what you want.  The key is in allowing all that you dream of to flow effortlessly into your life by effectively lining up your energy to match the vibrational frequency of your desire. You want to allow for the right timing of things, and you achieve that by first becoming a match to the things you desire so that you yourself are ready to allow them in! 


What does that mean?! Let’s take an example: you wish to take an incredible trip to a country you have never visited, but you currently don’t have the financial resources and cannot see how it will ever come about. 

You could begin reaching for the positive emotions that you feel when you think about going on that trip. Rather than allowing the negative thoughts to take over – thoughts like ‘I cannot afford it’ – you focus  on the feeling of various aspects of the trip. It could be the excitement you will feel booking the ticket or researching the area, maybe you actually imagine being on the plane or feeling the sand between your toes and smelling the air of the place.

The idea is to stay in a place of positive emotion as much as possible without allowing in the feeling of not having had those experiences yet. When we consistently feel positive emotions first, we are sending a signal to the Universe to bring more things, feelings and experiences that match those emotions. They may start to arrive in the form of ideas, inspiration to have a certain conversation with somebody or to read a certain book or be in a certain place. Staying open to the hows and whys of how something will occur is important. 

Abraham Hicks point out that if we are trying too hard, then it’s best to leave that topic alone for a while. Instead we can actually achieve the same results by distracting ourselves and choosing different thoughts.

You could distract yourself with activities that absorb you positively like exercise, petting a dog or cat, laughing at a comedy show, reading or chatting with a friend. You could also remember things in your life that have worked out, manifestations that you have seen occur already as a way to boost your faith and belief in the viability of your current desire. It also helps to stay very general on the subject of your desire, for example, you could focus on how wonderful it is that there are so many beautiful countries in the world to visit, how much you love the diversity of cultures and cuisines. In other words broader, easier ways to focus around the essence of what you wish to manifest. 

The message from Abraham Hicks is that any positive emotion we feel is a sign that we are on the right track. Accentuate the things that you enjoy in life, make lists of positive aspects, be determined to see the best in everything and enjoy your life all the while anticipating the future you desire. You have to find and practice the vibration of what you want and how you want to live until it supersedes the vibration of doubt - that is when it happens! Things fall into place, and you move from a state of hoping and trusting to just knowing it is coming. 

I have learned that living with and using the Law of Attraction is far simpler and more fun than it can appear!  Life is about savoring the happiness we feel along the journey, and with the tools I have gained from Abraham Hicks, I now see that by not forcing things or making action take precedence over anything else, I allow things to occur to me in perfect timing. 

When we tap into our own true power, we connect to that feeling that we are invincible. We are able to empower ourselves and be the masters of our own destiny. 


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