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Demystifying the Magic of Reiki with Science 

I have never shared this before but I am reiki healer. I got my certification and practice a few years ago in florida and again last year San Francisco. So if you are ever curious about what the heck is reiki, I'm here to give you a short explanation to demystify the magic of reiki with science

To understand the healing benefits of Reiki you must first understand the idea of a universal life force that exists in and around everything.  Reiki is a holistic healing technique that treats mind, body and spirit, based on the idea of this energy as the essence of life.  Reiki works by connecting to this energy through non-intrusive hands-on healing that harmonises any imbalances in the mind and emotions as well as the physical body. Reiki practitioners channel this energy and promote healing by placing their hands in specific positions over the body. 

If we delve just a little into quantum physics, we find where science can extend to make tangible sense of Reiki. In fact, Reiki aligns with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and the idea of atomic energy vibrating at different rates. 

So just like everything else in the universe, each of the atoms that make up our physical bodies are also vibrating at a certain frequency. Biology tells us that our cells communicate with one another through tiny impulses. These are biophotons (biological light), tiny sparks of conscious energy that are carried in our physical bodies. These impulses are literally carrying the building blocks of life within them. This energy is light and it’s always moving both within and around our bodies, but of course we cannot perceive these different vibrations of energy with our limited senses. 

So how does this relate to Reiki? Reiki uses energy to balance and cleanse both the physical matter of the body and also the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds and flows within it. The role of a Reiki practitioner is to act like a channel for this conscious energy, and with loving intention allow it to flow and be absorbed where the individual needs it. The Reiki is an entirely positive experience as the practitioner does not influence where the energy goes, it operates according to its own laws and will balance and heal where needed. 

The experience of receiving a Reiki treatment is incredibly relaxing and soothing, as the energy promotes overall well being.  Many patients feel a radiant glow during and after a session, and may also feel a sensation of mild heat, some tingling and goose bumps as the energy flows through and around you. 

While a spiritual concept, the fact is Reiki has no dogma, nor does it depend on any kind of belief system at all. It is non-invasive, gentle and you do not need to even belief in Reiki for its healing and therapeutic energy to be effective. Anyone can be treated at any age, whatever the gender, religion or ethnic group. There are no limits. There’s nothing to lose.  

Reiki is finally emerging from the stigma of New Age gobbledygook in the Western world and is now sanctioned and practiced in hospitals and as a complementary therapy for cancer patients. It works in conjunction with Western medicine and promotes recovery and healing from traumatic injury, and all illnesses with benefits to the emotional and physical. 

If you are interested in exploring the value of energy healing, Reiki treatment is a wonderful way to help restore balance to your life.