Day 5: Your Life Path Number: A Personal GPS to Navigate Life's Twists and Turns


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Hi! Today is the last day of the workshop, time sure flies when you are having fun! We've had such an incredible time together during "Your Birthday is Not a Coincidence"!  If you approach numerology with a scientific mindset, you will be more likely to be inquisitive, open to new ideas, and pay attention to your own experiences.

You can think of it as being a detective on a mission of self-discovery. Instead of immediately dismissing numerology, give it a chance to amaze you.. Pay attention to how it makes you feel, the thoughts it triggers, and the knowledge you gain. Keep an open mind, observe what resonates with you, and see where it leads you.

Here's a recap on what we learned the past 5 days:

Day 1: We discovered how numerology can be a guiding light, helping us blossom in life.

Day 2: We talked about the father of numerology, Pythagoras and comparing your personal years to cycles of nature. 

Day 3: We learned how to calculate and interpret our personal years in numerology. This gave us the ability to comprehend the cyclical nature of life and the chances that each season that is available to us.

Day 4: We discussed how numerology can help us overcome our limiting beliefs and the concept of synchronicity in numerology.

Day 5: We revealed the secret of the life path number in numerology that holds the key to our purpose and destiny.

In five days, we've covered a vast spectrum of numerology wisdom that can transform how we perceive and interact with the world around us. I've had a great time guiding you in this journey of self-discovery, and I sincerely hope this class ignited a spark of hope inside you.

Life is not just a mundane routine; there is magic in the universe, and numerology is one of the gateway to understanding and harnessing that magic.

Your B'day is not coincidence deeper dive is coming.  It's not ready just yet! I'm working hard to make sure it's perfect for you.


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