What would reincarnation mean for the self?

Welcome! If you want to go deeper on the topic of past lives and reincarnation, you want to get into Dr. Brian Weiss's work that I highly, highly recommend. I recommend you start with the book Many Lives, Many Masters. It's a New York Times bestseller. He has many New York Times bestsellers. But this is the one that I love the most out of all of his books.

So instead of thinking that your life starts at birth in this lifetime and then ends with your death, and then that's it, you're buried. Not when it comes to your soul and universal evolution of consciousness.

The view here is to think of your soul as this enormous stream of consciousness, and that enormous stream of consciousness evolves through a multi-lifetime perspective, continually expanding, continually growing, taking the learning into each new lifetime that the soul incarnates. So you're never born a blank slate, you are born with a lot of information that you bring from other past lives.

When we start to develop spiritually, we are then able to access more past lives. But in general we can't really access past lives. We don't really access past lives until we awaken. And there are two main reasons for this. The first one is that the soul here on earth is operating with what's known as the veil of forgetfulness. And the veil of forgetfulness is basically one of the many rules of this reality.

 Now, when it comes to planet Earth, when the soul agrees, when the soul wants to come down here, it has to abide by the rules of each reality. And one of the rules down here for planet Earth, for evolution on planet Earth, is called the veil of forgetfulness. It conceals all of the stuff that you've been through on a soul level. So you forget. You forget where you come from. You forget what you've been through. You forget the lifetimes that you've had. You forget all of that. 

So if I didn't have the veil of forgetfulness, I might just continue doing things the same way I did before. What the veil of forgetfulness does is it allows for a multiplicity of experiences. It allows for a diversity of experiences. And it's through diversity of experience that your soul evolves. So the more diversity of experience your soul has, the faster it evolves.

Your soul is constantly evolving through experience. You have to remember that your soul evolves through experience. The more experience I have, the more my soul evolves. The more diverse that experience, the faster my soul evolves.

Let's say that someone has a really severe injury in their right arm where their whole right arm goes paralyzed, completely paralyzed. Now, let's say that person was right hand dominant. Now, what's going to happen to me if my right arm goes completely limp? I can't use it anymore. What am I going to have to do? I'm going to have to learn how to become left hand dominant without question. At that moment I switch from being a right arm dominant to left arm dominant, what am I doing? I'm adding experience to my repertoire. I'm adding diversity of experience to my repertoire. And that makes my soul evolve faster because now my soul has in its portfolio right handedness and it also has left handedness. You see, it all becomes a part of the soul's experience, and that diversity is what allows the soul to evolve faster and faster.

This veil of forgetfulness has different thicknesses. It has different thickness depending on where you are in your own personal evolution and depending on what your personal mission here on the planet is. I've seen some of them even on Oprah, where children come on and they're detailing past life memories and they're just kids. So they haven't really had a spiritual awakening.

So what's going on? Why is the veil of forgetfulness almost nonexistent for these children? Well, they were born with thinner veils of forgetfulness, because it has something to do with their life mission. They are very advanced old souls. And so as they become more and more evolved, the veil of forgetfulness is less necessary.

It could also be that your veil of forgetfulness can become thinner and thinner as you spiritually awaken and as you start to fulfill your soul mission.

So the veil of forgetfulness has different thicknesses for each one of us, depending on what we're doing here, depending on our level of evolution and depending on what your soul mission is for this lifetime. The second reason why we don't remember past lives is that the soul blocks access to them until it's time.

Okay, so this is the second reason we can't remember past lives usually is precisely because your soul will block them until you're ready to process them. And even if you're ready to process, your soul is not going to show you all of your past history. Because remember, you've been here probably hundreds of times, conservatively. 

Think about this Even though your soul has incarnated thousands of times, even though your soul has been around the block so many times, it has never incarnated in this exact configuration that you have right now.

You have never had a body, a personality. You've never had yourself the way that you are right now. The Bernadette that you see, I have never existed in this exact arrangement, even though my soul has been around the block many, many times. That's why this is so revolutionary for the soul, because each time it incarnates, it incarnates in a different body, and that diversity of experience accelerates the soul's evolution.

Now in the death process, this takes a while. Sometimes it can take weeks. The death process is basically when your soul is preparing to disengage from the body. The way you can think about this, is kind of like a computer. All right, so think of a computer and imagine that I grab an external drive and I plug it into the computer and I take all the programing out of the computer. Everything.

The moment that I do that, that I take all of the information, all of the programing out of the computer. What's the computer left with just hardware no software.

So that's exactly what happens to your body when the soul pulls out all of the programing, when it pulls out all of the information. 

Information that you've acquired from years of being on Earth, from all of your experiences, all of your adventures, everything that you live down here is stored in your cells as information.

Another driving feature of the soul is the release of old baggage, healing of wounds. That's very important on the priority list because the soul knows that it can only go as high as it drops weight, so it knows that it has to let go and heal pain. So the soul has no problem with that. And in fact, it programs your body, your avatar to be able to have these opportunities of healing throughout your life.

The spiritual hangout. This is where your soul hangs out. This is the time frame in between lifetimes, and it's impossible for you to quantify how much it's going to be. Sometimes your soul chooses to be on the other side for a few years in linear time, although on the other side time isn't linear, but in linear time, sometimes your soul will choose to be on the other side for a few years, sometimes for decades, sometimes for hundreds of years before coming back here again. And I don't know I don't know how long it takes. I don't know why the soul chooses to stay sometimes longer and sometimes not.

Well, thanks for your interest in this topic, all of this is so enlightening isn't it? Alright! Thanks for watching all the way to the end! Let me know what surprised you about reincarnation in the comments below and come back for more.

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