How to start manifestation for mental health?

I get asked all the time what it means to LET GO & SURRENDER when it comes to manifesting something.

Letting go and detaching yourself of the outcome of what you want to manifest literally means asking for it, trusting that it's coming, and just FORGETTING about it.

Let me ask you this babe.

How many times have you ordered a package on Amazon and then proceeded to call Amazon 6785 times asking them if they received your order and when they plan on deliver?

Don't you normally place your order, trust that they will fulfill it, and that the UPS guy won't forget to deliver it?

Wouldn't you agree that 99.9999% of the time the package gets to you successfully?

Maybe you have even forgot you ordered it and it came as a surprise at your door?

The Universe works in the exact same way.

Asking over and over again doesn't make anything work any faster.

Trust me the customer service rep will pretty much hate you by the 18th call you make to them.

Don't attach negative energy to what you're trying to manifest.

Ask for it... trust it's coming.. and forget it.

All of my greatest manifestations came to me RIGHT when I forgot about them. It's like clockwork.

You need to learn to TRUST.




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Babe... pay extra attention to your self talk. Your self talk is actually a conversation with the Universe. Remember. You are AT ONE with the Universe.

Therefore, what you say to yourself is what ends up manifesting in your outside reality.

Want to know an incredible secret?

You can have, be, and do ANYTHING that you want. Period. End of story. Someone is leading you to believe otherwise?

Um... why are you still talking to them?!

Take care and hope you are having a wonderful day!

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