2022: What is high vibrational energy? Signs of high vibration.

Where does Lifeforce Energy come from? Where does it come from? The purest source of life force energy is source frequency. It's source consciousness. It is the God or the oneness, the power of the universe. The center of the universe is where that source frequency is held. And that is the purest version of life force energy that you can align to and connect with.

However, we as human beings can take life force energy from other people. You can actually feed off life force energy from others. We can also pull life force energy from inanimate objects. Sounds weird, sounds crazy. But think about walking into an antique store, okay? And I don't know about you guys, but walking into an antique store for me is a really heavy energy because I can sense the vibration of people that own or have that object.

So objects that are very old have a lot of other people's life force energy on them. Sometimes it's positive, sometimes it's neutral, sometimes it's negative. And we can also take and feed off of life force energy that is being held within inanimate objects. As weird as that sounds, the object itself does not create the life force energy. Of course, something that creates life force energy has to give that inanimate object its life force energy, if that makes sense.  And that's very similar to when you wash your dog's toy or you wash your baby's blanket and all of a sudden they don't really like it anymore. It's because you actually cleared their life force energy out of that object and it's unrecognizable to them at an energetic level. So that's interesting. 

The majority of the time we are working with life force energy that is recycled. So talking to, interacting with, feeding off of other people who are in your network or in your vicinity is recycled energy. It's their energy that you're taking from. Feeding off of certain situations. Maybe a situation is getting you really angry. Maybe a situation is getting you really anxious. Getting you really hyped and excited. That's secondary or recycled life force energy feeding off of a situation. Please think about it. Every action, every reaction, every thought is creating an energetic ripple effect not only into your own reality, but into the universe itself. That is secondary life force energy. That is us interacting with other energetic frequencies in our reality.

We are moving into New Earth frequency. We are getting into the fifth dimension and beyond. It's not enough for us anymore. 

I would say, like, even the grid around planet earth is recycled energy. Even Mother Gaia energy is recycled energy. She brings it into her. We take it from her, which is great. But it's secondary. What I want to say is that recycled lifeforce energy is not as good as pure lifeforce energy. Now, when I talk about pure lifeforce energy, I'm talking about life force frequency right from the source. It's kind of like, are you going to drink bottled water that's like spring water, or are you going to go right to the spring and drink it right from there.

And, and a lot of our lives, especially now that our lives are really being led in the metaphysical rather than the physical. for example, when you are doing a lot of output in the physical, I'm exercising and I'm going to work and I'm being a mom and I'm doing those things. Then what do you need? 

You need a lot of physical input, energy, which means I need to get a good sleep. I need to make sure my body is stretched and prepared. I need to eat a good meal. You know? And so 3D input, 3D output. What's happening now is that we're not really living in a 3D world anymore.

A lot of you are actually living in much higher vibrational realities, which means that you need input from a higher frequency, a higher vibration. You no longer can you feed off the inanimate objects around you, the people, the situations, the reactions around you. It's not enough. Let me ask you this right now. When was the last time you sat down, closed your eyes, quieted your mind, and actually connected your mind, body and soul to pure source? Like, when's the last time you connected to God frequency? When's the last time you focused stopped everything that you were doing to connect with yourself. That's what I'm talking about.

This is really important to note. I know you probably already know this and sometimes we call them energy vampires. Right. this is a real thing.

There are energy vampires out there in a human form.But people absolutely feed off of our energy. Now, typically, you'll walk away from a conversation or put down the phone and you'll feel exhausted, you'll feel tired, you've got nothing left. And you're like, That was weird. That was a 30 minute conversation. I shouldn't feel so tired. And it's because that person is taking your life force energy. That's okay. Because usually that person doesn't know that they're taking your energy and usually they're very unaware of feeding off of that. So what happens, when someone in our group, our social group, friends, family, coworkers, whoever is feeding off of our life force energy, it means that they're bringing us down while simultaneously bringing themselves up a little bit.

And if we continue to be in their energy or even at a subconscious level, feed them our energy, we are enabling them to never raise their own vibration. This feels really good when I'm talking to you. I always feel so healed when I hang out with you. You always bring me up. If you're always bringing people up, they're never able to bring themselves up. So what does that mean? It means that you need to do either one of two things. One is to cut them off in the physical.

Or two is cut energy cords in the nonphysical. If you're able to create space in the physical and say, look, like I'm kind of just going through my own thing and I really need, you know, my own space and I need to recoup my energy. Hopefully you will be able to talk to them about that and create that space. If they're a family member that lives with you, if they are a coworker that you work with every day, you can't necessarily create that physical space in the same capacity or even a romantic relationship, that's okay.

What I recommend is if you can't get away from them physically, then I recommend cutting cords with them energetically. And this is not a bad, negative or wrong thing. You could cut cords with people that you really, truly love, but you need the energetic space to yourself and still be around them.

So when cutting people out of your life, you are cutting a cycle of recycled energy of drama and projection. You take on the projection, then you project out and there's this weird  cyclical toxic energy between you and another person. I think we've all been there because we're all such empaths and we're all really bright, shining lights, so we tend to attract energy vampires.

What happens is, when you cut an energy vampire out of your life, either one or two or both things happen simultaneously. One is you actually feel more drained after you cut them out of your life. And it's because that cycle of recycling energy is no longer there. Just as much as they were feeding off of you, you were in some sort of sense feeding off of them or you're like, Whoa, where's my energy coming from nowadays?

I don't know, because I don't have that toxic relationship. And then, of course, the second thing is you actually feel like a huge weight is lifted and you feel immediately energized again. And it might be a little bit of both. And that's okay too.

That's why you feel tired is because people are feeding off you. So not only should you cut cords with people that you're aware of that are feeding off you, but you should really bubble yourself and make sure that you have the proper protection mechanisms that are going to prevent other people from getting in there. Okay, so what will revamp us? Meditation for sure. So consciously connecting to pure source energy is going to really increase your vibrational frequency. 

So you have to go to the source. You have to make it a part of your day, even for 1 min to just acknowledge your existence. All right. And because there's a lot of heaviness in the world right now, there's a lot of psychic attacks, there's a lot of dark entities, there's a lot of shit going on. So when you are full of life force energy, you will attract energy vampires, which is definitely the downside of being full of pure source energy.

 It's discernment. It's healthy boundaries. It's putting up those walls of protection.

Do you have other people in your life that are so brimming with pure source energy, with this life force energy that you feel energized, you feel excited, you feel pumped up after interacting and engaging with them? Or do you have people in your life who are super toxic, who you feel exhausted? They're so negative and they really bring you down? Who do you have in your own life when you really think about it? Or do you have a mixed bag? 

It's not good to be in a fear vibration. And the number one rule of thumb, whenever you are afraid of anything, whenever you're feeling a fear or low vibration, find aspects of your reality to appreciate. 

It could be the running water from your tap. It could be the hot shower in the morning. It could be your neighbor who smiled at you. It could be, you know, your job. It could be whatever it is. Your kids, find a reason every day to wake up and fill your entire body full of that love frequency, that appreciation.

That is what's going to transmute the fear every single time. And then when you are in a vibration of love, you end up attracting, yes, some energy vampires. But you should have the discernment to say, now we're not in the same space and I'm not going to,  feed your energy, basically. But when you're also in the vibration of love, you attract good vibes everywhere you go.

So I do recommend meditating more.It doesn't have to be for 5 hours a day. It makes sure it's active meditation. Make sure you are connecting actively to the center of the universe, pure source frequency. So focus more on that pure source. Focus more on the life force, focus more on meditation. I want you to also cut chords with toxic people who are no mean and condescending to you. 

I also want to recommend we eat fresh food like spinach and tomatoes and cucumbers and onions and garlic. when we eat fresh living things, we are absorbing more of that life force energy right? When we eat things that are more processed, you know that life force energy is long gone, right? So no matter if you're eating fresh vegetables or meat, we need to recognize and honor the sacrifice of that living thing for us to exist, for us to live.

Because they are giving up their life for us, energy, whatever you choose to eat, it's giving us that life force energy. Thank the plants and the animals and the fish for their life force that they sacrifice for us. Gratitude as cliche as it sounds is a game changer in allowing more happiness to come into your life.And that's going to increase the vibration of your food tenfold and it's going to increase your own vibration tenfold as well. Good, good, good, good. Awesome. That's about it for me.

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