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We all are dependent on mother nature cycles, from the change between day and night, to the change of the seasons. But here comes the thing – women, unlike men, we are dependent on one more cycle: the month cycle. It starts with the first day of your menstruation and ends with the next one. Usually this cycle matches with the duration of the moon cycle, which lasts for 28 days – but not all the time. Did you know that the word ‘month’ is actually an Old English word for the Moon?

I was having this conversation with a friend about the connection we have with the Moon, and my friend kind of teased me saying if that’s true and we are really that dependent on the moon, then we all should have our cycle at the same time.

Yes, in the past our cycle fully corresponded to the Moon cycle starting from the first phase of the moon – the new moon, going through the full moon and ending with the last phase – the waning moon.

Some of us have preserved this biological accuracy, but many women have their cycle a few days away from the moon’s cycle.

Moon Phases & Your Monthly Cycle - Happy Healthy You

I’m going to walk you through the moon phases, our relationship to them and we’ll see how we women and our personal calendars depend on them. I will help you understand the mysterious laws by which the moon guides your life, when you should be cautious because your health is vulnerable, what’s the best time to go on a diet so it has the best effect and how to use your spirits in each phase.

I’m starting with the New Moon – the first phase of the month cycle.

So, the New Moon is the period when our menstrual bleeding begins. For most of us this phase means a lot of discomfort, pains, bad moods. The first days of our cycle, which are under the sign of the very young Moon, are rarely nice and auspicious. In this time our bodies are at their lowest points of vitality. Our immunity weakens, sometimes we feel anxiety and inexplicable fear, and we have a tendency to depression.

Our health in the phase of New Moon is pretty shaky. The effect of drugs we take increases, but also does the risk of side effects. At new moon our bodies best absorb vitamins and minerals, especially magnesium, calcium and iron. That is why doctors recommend us to start any healing courses at the days of the new moon - for example, prophylactic intake of multivitamin complexes or immunostimulants. It is important to remember that during this period the body is vulnerable to all forms of poisoning - from insect bites to poisoning with products we have intolerances to. 

The new moon phase even affects the way we take care of our appearance. Usually we are not really into taking much care of our appearance during new moon. But cosmetologists actually believe that this is the best period to take care of our skin with massages and moisturizing products.

But what about diets and does the New Moon really affect nutrition?

Well, that’s certainly the best time to start a strict diet, become a vegetarian or do a bowel cleansing. That’s because in the first phase, the process of fat accumulation intensifies and for this reason eating high-calorie foods is not the best thing to do. What you also might find interesting is that the young moon helps those who are determined to quit drinking or smoking too. 

Okay, what you need to remember about the New Moon is that this is the time for us women to relax, meditate, focus more on going inwards and spend our time as much as we can in stillness.

Let’s see, how does the Full Moon, or the second phase of the month cycle affect us.

Full moon is the time when we have our post menstrual period, and it usually takes place between the 5th and the 14th day of our cycle. Our bodies become stronger, and our moods get better.

 We feel light and charming.

When it comes to our health, that’s the phase of our ovulation, when the egg matures and releases from the ovary. During this time the ovaries release a large amount of estrogen – the hormone that regulates the maturation of the egg. What you might be interested to learn is that estrogen not only affects our sexuality but it also has a beneficial effect on cardiovascular activity and regulating the intake of calcium in our bones. 

That is exactly the time when we are cheerful and joyous, and we are also very efficient when it comes to our work.

The full moon is also the best time for us to experiment with our appearance, like changing the make-up, or changing our hairstyle completely. It’s the best time to change what you’ve been thinking about but always got scared to do, like cutting your hair. It’s because, in Ayurveda , Full Moon is the time when we are at our strongest.  

Full moon is also a great time for us to do healing fasting, and you can see that nutritionists highly recommend it exactly at this time. It’s because at full moon it has the best effect and we do it with less effort than in other times. 

You should be brave in the period of the Full Moon because all the changes we make have a positive effect on us both when it comes to appearance and our spirits.

Okay, so let’s see the last phase of the month cycle, or the waning phase of the moon. Waning is when the moon gets smaller each day. 

This is the time of our premenstrual period that takes place between the 15th and the 28th day.

 At this phase we get easily annoyed and we often feel like crying. I am sure you recognize yourself in my words. We all go through this time when our spirits are low and we feel somehow weak. 

Men sometimes make these comments how easily we engage in fights, and our moods change all the time. Well, it’s not really our fault! We are trying our best.

That’s the time when our body produces another hormone – progesterone, which prepares our body for becoming pregnant! The bad side is that at the same time it has a depressing effect on our psyche. Simply because if pregnancy hasn’t occurred by the 27th day of the menstrual cycle, ovaries stop secreting progesterone. Blood vessels respond with a sharp drop of this hormone, which is the reason behind the typical premenstrual headache.


So what you need to remember about the waning moon is that this is our time for evaluation and reflection, it’s when we should look at the negative aspects of our lives and focus on what we want to change.

Those are the three moon phases and cycles in our female calendar, so let me quickly review them. 

First we have the New Moon when our bleeding starts. I would describe this time as a transition between winter and spring time because we are inwardly focused, we want to be left alone and in peace. And towards the end of this phase we enter the spring moods: when our bleeding stops and we metaphorically plant a seed for the next cycle.

The next cycle - ovulation, or Full Moon, is when our summer-like spirit shows up. 

We are full of energy, creative, interested in our physical appearance, we are excited.

Then we have the last cycle or the waning moon. The autumn-winter feelings come in, and we can feel both positive and negative, depending on what we achieved during summer time. If we managed to change things we were planning to change for a long time, then at this phase, we would feel happy and satisfied, and if we couldn’t succeed in something we wanted to, then the disappointment spirits come in. 

It’s actually in our own hands: if we recognize our spirits and the phases we are in, we can take great advantage of them and use them in our favor. That is why knowing the relationship between our cycle and the moon phases is so important for every woman. 

Thank you for listening to my podcast – I’m Bernadette Bella, and today we spoke about the Moon’s Influence on the woman’s body. Follow me on Instagram and let me know what you think on this episode. Chat soon everyone.


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