Why can't I let go of possessions? Material attachment.

We're going to talk about material possessions and happiness today. In this society, especially in the Western society, and I think it's different in other places around the world, we are taught that having more stuff creates more happiness.  You get to a certain point and you're like, I have all the things, why am I not happy? Why am I still questioning? Why am I still unsettled? Why am I still anxious?

When we have a lot of this stuff around us, we create more energetic connections and we create more identity attachments. So every item of clothing, every crystal, every electronics create an energetic attachment to it because now it's a part of you.

It creates this baggage that you're just carrying around with you based on the physical things that are in your life. This is why spring cleaning is actually so good for the soul. It's cleansing for the space, but it's really, really good for the soul because you're shifting out of these old energies, these old identifiers, these old attachments. Some people are people collectors, they don't want to set boundaries with anyone because they want to be in good terms with everyone.

I want you to also think about the energies that you've collected in your life with relationships, because even if you have people who maybe you haven't talked to in a while, but there isn't a closure or a conclusion to that dynamic, there's still this energy that's being siphoned off. Okay. And pets don't count. Pets I find are, for the most part, really elevating, I guess pets can be like identifiers as well. Like, you're a cat person or a dog person or lizard person or whatever, but it's more so stuff and people that really bring the heaviest amount of energy in our life.

So I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions, and this is where I want you to write down these questions, because it's going to be so important to circle back around to these questions. After this video, I want you to take a look around your home, and I want you to ask yourself these questions. First question. Why am I really hanging on to this? Is it through obligation? Is it through attachment?

Is it some sort of memory from the past? Why am I really hanging on to this? Second question. How does it improve my life? How does this thing, how does this person improve my life? There wasn't a healthy balance there. And so I realized that I had to move forward and look for relationships where it was a balanced dynamic. Look around your life. Look around your room. What are the things in your room right now and how are they providing you value in your life?

And then the third question is, and this is a really good one. Where was I at when I acquired it? Where was I at when I met that person? Where was I at when I bought this item of clothing? So I don't want you to think about the location, but where were you at energetically and emotionally when you acquired that material object or that person?

And have you both progressed together? Or have you been on your journey of progression and they've been kind of stuck in that same place. Right. So you have to think about where was I when I bought that item? Where was I at when I met that person? And where are we at now? Where am I at now? And once again, circling it back around, does this provide me something? Does this provide me value? Is this uplifting my life in any sort of way? And speaking of which, I do the same thing with art, too. I always find that art really provides value, it provides, you know, kind of this environmental energy, it really brings me this sense of serenity. But sometimes I will either get rid of my art, I will give it away, or I will change up the art in a room because it changes the energy. And I will move my crystals around a room often as well, to switch up the energy or the feng shui. What it comes down to is more stuff equals more attachment. More attachment equals more anxiety. Seriously.

The more identifiers that you have, the more attachments that you have, the more stuff that you have, the more anxiety you are likely to have. And at this point in time, we're shifting our energy and moving into a higher state, we already have enough anxiety in our life and enough reason to have a frickin panic attack every single day. We don't need more stuff to maintain and dust to attach ourselves to and clean. It's going to feel so good to let go.

We don't have to be monks who have zero stuff. We're humans. We have stuff and clothes and shoes and crystals and that's okay. But work with your own mind. Definitely clear some space in your life, but clear space up here. First and foremost. And that is when you're free, and that is when you can create so much more in your life. All right. Awesome. That's it, you guys. Thank you all so, so much.

Have a beautiful week. If you're hungry, eat food. If you're tired, take a nap. If you're anxious, focus on your mind. And if you feel sad, love yourself more. All right. Just listen to yourself and live every day intuitively, I will see all of you in the New Earth frequency. Bye for now.

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