Day 2: The Universe Follows A Predictive Patterning & The Origins of Numerology


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On Day 1, we delved into the fascinating link between numbers and their hidden meanings in names, dates, and beyond.

Today, let's embark on a deeper journey! 

Ever heard of Pythagoras? He's not just a historical figure – he's a brilliant philosopher and mathematician who played a pivotal role in shaping modern numerology. His explorations in math, geometry, and philosophy laid the foundation for what we know today.

Pythagoras introduced the gematria system, which connects numbers to alphabets, and he wasn't just about numbers.

He believed music was a universal language woven from mathematical patterns.

He discovered the ratios behind musical scales, giving life to melodies that touch our souls.

We tap into your personal years briefly today as well. Just as nature cycles through seasons, your life goes through stages.

Spring marks new beginnings, summer radiates vitality, autumn gathers lessons, and winter whispers reflection.

Anticipation is building.

Thanks for being part of this intriguing adventure!


To make the most out of this class, consider jotting down your thoughts on these questions.

  • What does it mean to you to discover that numbers have archetypal energies and vibrations that can influence your relationships, career, and personal growth? 
  • If numbers are indeed a cosmic language, what do you think they might be trying to tell you about your spiritual journey?   

See you tomorrow :)

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