[2022] How Does A Soul Come to Earth? Do you have a spirit baby?


Spirit babies are souls that had previous lives but now are ready to be reborn and start a new life. They often have past life connections to the people who are going to take care of them in their new life. 


I said ‘the people’ because it’s not always the parents who have this connection – sometimes a spirit baby gets born in a family where the baby has this past life connection with the grandparents, or the siblings, or the uncles or aunts.


This connection may have been built because in your past life you’ve helped them, and now they come to you to help you back or return your kindness during this life. It’s also possible that your spirit baby might be someone special who you lost, and now he’s coming back to you as your spirit baby.


So that day I was having this nice conversation with a friend of mine. I wouldn’t describe her as a very spiritual person – she’s more pragmatic than spiritual, but she is very open-minded and likes learning about spirits guides, angel numbers and other things spiritual. So we were chatting about life and stuff, and we got to the point about angel numbers. As I was telling her about angel numbers and that they are messages from our spirit guides, she asked me a very interesting question.


She said: ‘Okay, Bernadette, are there other forms of messages we get from our spirit guides? But not numbers… like.. objects, people…’


That got me very curious because I know her and she wouldn’t say anything like that unless she knew something or something happened and it had a special meaning for her.


I just asked her directly  ‘Okay, you got something in mind, what is it?’


So, as she is walking down the street rushing for somewhere, she passes by a kids shop and her eyes fix on a very beautiful baby dress. She said she still remembers all the details of how this dress looked, but she has no idea why she was so impressed by this dress. Then she keeps on walking and a mother with a baby passes by her. A few minutes later she hears a crying baby behind her.



She said back this day she saw so many babies it felt like she has never seen so many in her life. It seemed strange to her.

She described it as they were manifesting especially to her. She knew about selective attention and she knew that when you need or want something, you start seeing it everywhere


And to make it even more confusing, she was shifting careers back then and she was flying to another city for a job interview. On that plane she said she felt absolutely shocked, because there were so many babies it seemed odd now.


And to add to that, a mother with a baby was next to her, and the mother asked her to hold her baby for a minute so she could go to the toilet, and as she was holding it the baby puked on her shirt because the baby had just eaten!


The story gets crazy here as my friend had no extra clothes with her and was in a rush for the interview, so she went there with the stain. In the end of the interview she apologized that a baby puked on her shirt and that’s why she has a stain, and shockingly, she got the job – the interviewer said:  ‘It’s impressive that you are able to take care of a baby and still be productive. To me that means you can handle stressful situations when you have a lot on your plate’.


All these situations led my friend to me that day, and as little spiritual as she is – she’s a super pragmatic person – she was sitting in front of me searching for answers, and she was convinced at this point there was something going on on a spiritual level here.


I was not very familiar with the concept of spirit babies back then, but I knew for sure she was receiving a message from a spirit and she shouldn’t neglect that.


Well, because she got the job, she moved to that city together with her fiancé. Her new job was way less stressful, so she had more time for her fiancé. It turns out that he had always wanted a baby with her but he felt she wasn’t ready because she was too focused on her career, so he never pushed her and just gave her time. Now that they moved and their life changed, she started thinking about a baby.


When she called me last year and she said she’s pregnant, I already knew the answer to the question she asked me back in our conversation.


That was her spirit baby sending her messages and showing her it’s time for her to become a mother to the baby she was always meant to have.


To help you understand this whole thing – imagine the Spirit Realm. So there are the spirits of people currently living their life, spirits of people who have recently passed away, spirits of people who are not ready to be reborn, so they are still wandering around the spirit realm getting ready, and then we have the spirit babies, who are spirits ready to be reborn.

It’s very interesting how spirit babies manifest to the parents they’ve chosen. There are plenty of signs you should watch out for because they might be pointing you to your spirit baby.


My friend’s signs were the repeating manifestations of babies. That’s a common sign – if you are experiencing selective attention and for some reason your attention is constantly drawn to babies, chances are this is your spirit baby giving you a sign it’s time for you to start thinking in this direction.


Also, maybe babies are constantly looking at you very attentively, maybe they are giggling when they see you – attention here – they know you have a spirit baby waiting for you to make the step.


Also, if a name pops in your head out of the blue, and then you start seeing this name too often and it stays with you, maybe this is your spirit baby introducing itself to you, maybe it’s telling you its name.


Or if people constantly tell you you’re going to be a great parent someday, or you feel like buying something for your future baby, well, that’s not just a whim: this is manifested to you through your Spirit Baby.


But keep in mind sometimes you receive all the messages and manifestations of a Spirit Baby, but the child might not be yours. Sometimes it’s another family member’s baby that you have a deep connection with.


I told you in the beginning that Spirit Babies are soul connections with us, so it’s a soul that is ready to be reborn in order to come in your life and bring kindness because you helped it in your past life. So yes, it’s absolutely possible that your Spirit Baby is somebody else’s child.


In this situation it’s very important how you feel about it. Your gut is a very intelligent guide. I’ve already explained this in breadth and depth in my book ‘Intuition is Your Superpower’, but let me say that again: your intuition is pointing you to the answers you need. So if you feel like you want to become a parent, this is definitely your Spirit Baby that has chosen you and is ready to be reborn.


Even if you’re not planning to have a baby but kids and babies love you and you hear people telling you you’ll make a great parent, chances are you have a Spirit Baby standing behind this.


If your intuition is telling you you’re still not ready for a child but you’re in such a situation, then your Spirit Baby will come as somebody else’s child, but you’re meant to be close and spend time together. It’s a matter of a spiritual connection more than a biological connection. So yes, I want to reaffirm you – you should listen to and trust your intuition.


Also, you can even have more than one spirit baby. Maybe you have twin spirit babies. You will know that because they have different energy and communicate with you in their own distinct and special way. There are ways that you can talk to your Spirit Babies, so you can ask for confirmation if you have more than one.


But how can you speak with your spirit babies? Like, what are the ways?


There are different ways. One way is to ask them for signs, but you have to be as specific as possible. For example, ask them to show you something rare to confirm your question. It has to be something that you won’t mistake if you see. You can also ask them to send you answers in your dreams. But I recommend that you write them somewhere because you can easily forget their messages.


Another way is through meditation. When you meditate, your soul and mind are calmed, and open to receive spiritual messages.


Saying this, I’m thinking about my friend before she moved and changed jobs. She was constantly questioning whether she should stay in the company where she worked or change jobs and move to the field she specifically enjoyed, which happened to be in another city. It was clear to me that changing jobs is the best thing to do because I could see her drained after yet another crazy day, and to me really enjoying what you do can’t be as draining as doing something because you just have to.


She was constantly in a hurry  and her mind was just busy with everything else but the space to think seriously about that. And the idea for having a baby was nowhere around her at that time. She started meditating from time to time, and funny, at some point she managed to empty her mind from the stress and focus on what’s important for her. That’s when she realized she should take the step and apply for the new job. And that’s about the time she started getting the messages from her Spirit Baby. And her Spirit Baby helped her get the job so she could also have the peace of mind and finances to become a mother.


Isn’t it crazy? Things are so connected but we only start seeing the connections when we give our minds some peace and clarity.


I am pretty sure her Spirit Baby started manifesting when it knew she’s ready for that step in her life. And she was ready only after she started meditating and seeing things with more clarity.

And there’s one last thing I want to share with you about Spirit Babies because I think it’s important to know:

Spirit Babies sometimes come to you but then they return back to the Spirit Realms because they need to overcome a fear or make some adjustments. This is when abortions or miscarriages occur.


Yes, your Spirit Baby can terminate your pregnancy if it feels like it needs to go back and re-adjust the departed soul's  life plan. Sometimes they make the decision at a very late stage, and that’s when miscarriages happen. It’s important to know that these things happen because of your Spirit Baby’s decision, so you shouldn’t be blaming yourself if that happens to you.


So, to go back to my friend’s question whether there are other types of manifestations of our spirit guides – yes, there are. Angel Numbers are just one of the ways. Your spirit baby can also be your spirit guide. Just like in my friend’s situation, she got helped out by her Spirit Baby, so yes, watch out for them! As I told you earlier, you can talk to them and ask them questions. They are not with you all the time, but they come when they are needed.


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