Spiritual food for the soul in 2023


Your body is a source of energy. Your entire energy is stored in your physical body. It serves,  as your energy's primary physical conduit for expression. A body will be less able to maintain high states of energy because of disease or toxins. Knowing this is crucial if you want to advance on your spiritual path, however, you can only increase your frequency as high as your body can tolerate.

The vibration that your body produces causes you to draw people, things, and situations to you. When you put all of that together, it becomes obvious that the body plays a crucial role in your spiritual awakening.Yes, you are what you eat, cells use what we feed them to repair our skin, hair, nails, tissues, and organs. Food has a unique chemical composition and energy frequency that we absorb when we eat and integrate into our tissues and organs. 

Alkaline meals are high in electricity, which means they bring in more energy than they use during digestion. Fruit is among the food that digest quickly without the help of the pancreas, taking 30 to 40 minutes to digest after consumption. The normal meal requires over 4-5 hours to digest and absorb, placing a heavy burden on all the organs.

So how does the body convert food into energy? Glycolysis. Enzymes break down glucose during this process, producing energy. In the absence of energy, we can no longer use the body as a container for the soul. 

Ok what else, a mainly alkaline diet hydrates and replenishes all cells, allowing them to vibrate and function properly in line with their natural blueprint. Fruits and vegetables in their uncooked state are alkaline foods. 

Every meal has a vibrational pattern in addition to its basic chemical make-up. Most foods are either alkaline or acidic, which either lowers or raises our vibration. Many people are unaware of the significance food has on your ability to engage in profound meditation. Your brain system and mind will flatly prohibit you to transcend your body if certain nutrients are deficient in you or if you are experiencing certain conditions. Meditation is important for opening the pineal gland. The pineal gland works in collaboration with the pituitary gland. The chemical that secretes DMT is located in the pineal gland.

We eat unintentionally and unconsciously. We eat without giving much thought to what this meal is doing in our bodies beyond the immediate taste sensation in our lips. It's all because we've grown so cut off from nature and the sources of our food. The neocortex is the part of the brain where enlightenment is attainable. It is the environment that fosters creativity, knowledge, vision, and a sense of oneness. The limbic and reptile brains, which are more primitive portions of the brain, take over when we don't provide the neocortex the nutrition it requires. The most primitive part of our brain is the reptilian brain, It is completely instinctual and just concerned with survival. It controls things like breathing, body temperature and heart rate.

So, we are not eating real food anymore. The problem we now face is an overabundance of chemically-laden products masquerading as food. We've become increasingly disconnected from our food over time. We're not sure where it originates from. We have no idea how it is handled or transported. Most of these things have ingredients that we don't know about. Remember this, before we end, every meal we eat affects our bodies, thoughts, and spirit in an energetic and spiritual way. 

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