2022: What does it mean to be a spiritual person & how to be spiritual without religion

 A Spiritual Person. . . . aren't we all? | by Beth Stormont | Spiritual  Tree | Medium


I feel like this is a really important place to start any kind of discussion about spirituality- figuring out what it means to be a spiritual person. Because I know there are some really weird ideas floating around out there that can alienate a lot of people from the idea of living spiritually. 

The fact is that being a spiritual person  does not need to be some huge deal, you don’t have to change your clothes, or your diet, or your passions, or the shows you watch or your friends - you can if you want but it’s not about that. Some people might make drastic life choices or move countries and become vegan and that’s fine but it’s not inherently what being spiritual is. 

Being spiritual just means being aware, being mindful. Knowing that there is more to life than just our bodies and circumstances.

There is that idea that to be spiritual means you probably don’t curse or shout or drink coffee or enjoy having a cocktail and rocking out to good music - it’s like if you are spiritual aren’t you too busy being serene and holy to have fun? Well no! No way. You can meditate without becoming a monk. You can be spiritual and still be you! 

What first got me going on my spiritual journey was something super simple - decluttering my living space. You may not think that sounds very spiritual, but believe me, it is. It was the first step that I took that changed my life. The energy that was freed up from decluttering was incredible, it brought me so much peace and motivated me to continue to live more minimally. This was the ultimate reflection of my state of mind. Clear space = clearer mind. 

You can also achieve that state by doing other things, like walking your dog or hanging out with your cat (hello Leo!), or even just doing the dishes, reading a book, listening to music, walking in nature, staring at a bird in the park doing its thing - whatever! It’s about slowing down and appreciating that all life is in the present moment. When you start to practice this it becomes a habit, which will start to feel like your natural default which of course it is! We are born this way, we just learn bad coping mechanisms once life starts getting tough. 

Being spiritual means being aware, being mindful - from there you can take it wherever you want, but mindfulness is at the core of everything.. Self care, self love, compassion, understanding - all of it has to come from mindfulness. 

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