[2022] How can I be patient while waiting for love?

This is due to the many variables involved (e.g., who you are at all stages of your life, if you've experienced the lessons you're supposed to learn, where your soul mate is on his life journey, pacing, etc.).
If I only had a dollar for every time a person told me: Good things come true to those who wait.
I’d use to get so irritated though – I was never good at waiting and want to control life!
However, as years went by, no one told me this: Best things happen in life to people when you least expect them.
Why do big and best things happen in life at a time when you least expect it to work?
Well, it’s all about learning to let go. Mostly, awesome things happen because you let go of your expectations.
You do an energy shift – you no longer focus on waiting.
You no longer focus on craving.
You no longer focus and care about people you met talking behind your back.
And you no longer send off the vibe of not having to the Universe.
Instead, you focus on enjoying.
You live in the present.
Without a blueprint, life seems hard to control.
We are placed on a course that we must follow from the beginning. Our parents and teachers tell us what they want of us, and we go on a quest to find out what this life holds in store for us.
Nonetheless, people get so fixated on these goals that people believe everything in life must go as planned.
Avoid disappointing yourself with hard goals and stop attempting to control how life should unfold. The great thrilling aspects of life are those that are unpredictable.
When a sudden turn of events leaves you laughing, be grateful and aware of the magic that life has been bestowed upon you.
You give off positive vibes. You send out the vibe of abundance & wealth – which in return creates more abundance & wealth for you to enjoy!
Sometimes it takes a long time for good things to find you in life because you are still learning letting go as part of the process for happiness, making ways for true people to show up. It also shows you true strength of a person.
Good things will happen in time in your life and in your favor.
But if they don't, you'll have to accept it. Your life would not work out the way you had hoped.This does not, however, rule out the possibility of living a happy and fulfilled life.
You must take advantage of the present moment.
Trying to forecast the future is a waste of time.
Instead, concentrate on being the greatest person you can be in the present moment.
Expectations lead you to struggle with what is, while intentions allow you to be with what is.
Expectations are a means of trying to get things under check.
Expectations imply that actions would occur in a certain manner, and if they do not, anger, annoyance, or discomfort will result.
If you're like other people, love doesn't always happen when or as you want it to. This is due to the fact that there are so many variables.
This is due to the many variables involved (e.g., who you are at all stages of your life, if you've experienced the lessons you're supposed to learn, where your soul mate is on his life journey, pacing, etc.).
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Taking into account that life is so short, we need to embrace it. At the point when I say embrace it, I mean the fear of unknown.
Did you at any point get that feeling, when you had been so terrified of accomplishing something for such a long time, and afterward you effectively did it, that you unexpectedly got empowered by it?
Something like public talking or asking a young lady out on the town. Stuff like that Understand what I mean?
I was so used to living in dread for a lot of my life that I was smothered by it. In any case, at that point something occurred and I came to understand that life was too short to be in any way incapacitated by fear of unknown.
To see an illustration of giving up, figure out a period in your life when you effectively opposed something. At that point, out of the blue, you let go of the opposing and said, "The hell with it." You quit battling your circumstance and proceeded onward with your life.


  • Notice what happened the second you did this.
  • You got your genuine feelings of serenity back.
  • The dread and upset vanished.
  • You likewise saw everything in an unexpected way.
  • Everything appeared to be unique in light of the fact that the limited focus was no more.
Fear is a perspective and is made by opposing a future occasion.
For instance, on the off chance that you have a fear of losing somebody, you are opposing the future occasion called, "losing the individual."


  • The more you oppose losing the individual, the greater your Fear.
  • The greater your dread, the more you feel compromised.
  • The more you feel undermined, the more you hold tight and drive the individual away.
  • By opposing the future occasion, you will in general make the fear materialize.
The second you become willing for your fear to materialize, the fear loses power.
To have any fear lose its force, do something contrary to what makes it. Rather than opposing the future occasion, be willing for the fear to work out – not in your activities, but rather in your heart. In your activities, do all that you can to ensure it doesn't occur, however in your heart, be willing.
The initial phase in letting go is to trust.
Trust that you will be alright regardless of what occurs.
Regardless of whether your biggest feelings of fear work out, realize that you will be fine. At the point when you realize that you will be alright regardless of what occurs, letting go turns out to be moderately simple.
At last, trust is a decision. It's something you make. It's an announcement. "I will be alright regardless of what occurs. I trust, since I say as much."
Trust is likewise coming clean. You have had difficult stretches previously and you have endured all of them. On the off chance that you are in a difficult stretch now, this also will pass. Life is possibly compromising when you stand up to. So quit opposing and trust. Trust that you will be alright regardless of what occurs.
The second and most significant advance during the time spent letting go is to feel your hurt.
We are resisting all of the thoughts and emotions elicited by the circumstances. Your conditions would have no control over you if you are able to experience the pain that is being caused.
Your conditions would have no control over you if you are able to experience the pain that is being caused. If you refuse to experience the pain, the conditions will have complete control. The trick is to easily releasing your pain is to experience it voluntarily, like a kid does.
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