2022: New year's resolutions you can actually keep. Simple new year's resolutions.

New Year is just around the corner. Consider investing in your self love and appreciation for yourself instead of making a long list of goals and aspirations for the coming year. The problem for many lies in living for some far-off future that never comes. When you are always waiting for that magic day when you are richer, thinner, healthier, happier, in love, working at doing what you love, you set your life up to always  remain out of reach!

Those things you want can never be your present reality with a mindset that keeps them apart from you. You need to start living and acting now as though you are the person you dream of being. That is the key to change. Living from a place of appreciation and gratitude for what you have and positive expectation of what is to come. 

But how do you do it? Instead of pushing through pain to motivate yourself, root your desire for change in self-love and appreciation and watch how effortlessly your life begins to transform and those resolutions finally become a natural way of being. 

  1. Get real. Take some time to really consider why you want to reach the specific goals you are making. Do they stem from a true desire for inner change? Be honest with yourself and connect with the authentic voice inside you. What do you actually want and why? Make a list of the ‘whys.’ When you really identify what is driving you it can be incredibly motivating to come from that place of self-awareness. 
  2. Be grateful. It’s hard to reach a place of change from a place of mighty fed-upness. Start with a small list every day of the things in your life that you currently appreciate and feel gratitude for. Being grateful is much more than becoming all sunshine and rainbows about life, it’s about teaching yourself that you have already achieved so much and are therefore capable of reaching anything you desire. 
  3. Know yourself. If you tend to make goals that you don’t believe you can achieve, consider why that is. Go through your list and mark out of 100 the likelihood of maintaining these resolutions.Think about how you intend to make them happen and realize that unsurmountable goals only lead to anxiety. Dream big, but keep the steps to reach those dreams small and steady.  
  4. Make a vision board. Get crafty with scissors and magazines or you create a digital version with apps like Pinterest. The idea is to collect images that inspire and feed your soul. Feel free to get ambitious (hello the beach house!) but also remember to stay in the now. Don’t limit the imagination but often things feel and become more achievable when you truly believe they are within your reach.
  5. Celebrate you.  Don’t waste another day of your life criticizing your body. It’s something we all hear and do an eye roll, “yeah sure I love myself”, but to actually genuinely feel love for your physical body right now, whatever it looks like, is a liberating thing. To know that it’s the only body you’ve got and start treating it well, not just because you want to look awesome in a bikini, but because you feel a deep sense of knowing you deserve your own love and care. Nourish it, treat it to massages, baths and lovely forms of exercise that you actually enjoy. 
  6. Meditate, meditate, meditate. If there is one thing you can do to change your life this year, make it starting a practice of meditation. Quieting your mind for just a few minutes each day allows you to come more fully into the present moment. It’s a powerful way to keep you from jumping ahead to the future or worrying about the past, neither of which actually exist in the present moment. All we ever have is now, so make the most of it. 

Maybe you could meet all your resolutions with enough rigid discipline and rushing around, but is that really the way you want to live? Things come much more effortlessly when the motivation arises from deep within, helping you glide through life inspired to the next task rather than forcing yourself through it. 

Shift the focus from resolutions to the inner self for growth that lasts and make it the year you gain the confidence and knowledge to create the life you really want to be living. 

Thanks for reading all the way to the end.

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