2022: How to open chakras for beginners​. Exercises to open your chakras​.

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Open, Unblock and Balance Your Chakras

How to stay spiritually and physically healthy by keeping your chakras in good health. 

The first question you have to ask yourself is ‘How do I understand whether my Chakras are unbalanced, and if that’s the case, which  chakra is not working well?’

Well, when you are disbalanced emotionally or spiritually, you can feel it and you know something’s going on. You can recognize specific areas in your life that worry you and give you. Your brain speaks to you by using metaphors, you can refer those metaphors to a certain chakra that is responsible for the specific emotion or condition.

Let’s say for example that you feel stuck in your life, you’re not moving forward, there’s nothing happening or appearing on the horizon, you don’t see progress, and all that feels like you’re just marking time. Which chakra do you recognize? 

It’s the Root Chakra, located in the lowest part of your spine, and closest to the ground – and because it’s related to the grounds, this is the chakra responsible for you moving on with your life.

When you recognize what emotion or intention stands behind your biggest concerns, you can focus on the responsible chakra, and feed it with the proper spiritual food.  Doing that literally unclogs your chakras and opens them again for the flow of the cosmic energy. We’ll talk about that in a bit! 

Now, another question that plays an important role in fixing your Chakras is what can block them?

Usually, chakra blockages happen as a result from your energy and spiritual interactions. When your chakras block, that means the channels for energy flow are closed. You can think of chakras as blood vessels: when a vein is clogged, you can’t keep on going without fixing it. 

These blockages might be caused by a number of reasons and can manifest in many ways – emotionally and psychologically, spiritually and physically, and even on a karmic level.

Let’s say you had a traumatic experience at an early age, or store negative emotions such as anxiety and depression, or you have different addictions. If you haven’t properly digested and processed experiences and emotions, you can collect all the emotional toxins that they’ve created, and these toxins end up as blockages for the flow of your chakras.

What you should also keep in mind is that chakras commonly get disbalanced like a domino – if one chakra blocks, it typically affects another one as well. 

Here comes the most important part: how can you unblock your chakras? What exactly should you do with each one to open it up for the energy flows of the universe? 

Let’s start from the first, or the Root chakra. 

If you’re stuck and insecure, and feel a lack of energy and life progress, your Root Chakra – Muladhara is most probably blocked. On a physical level this results in weight issues, addictions and insomnia, even problems with the legs.

To fix it, since it’s the root chakra, you should do activities related to the earth, such as barefoot walking in grass, or sand, even in mud! Spending time in nature is super beneficial. When it comes to real nutrition, in the previous podcast I told you the color of this chakra is red – so eat red fruits and vegetables. Pick foods like berries, apples, beet and tomatoes. 

Let’s move on to your second chakra – and see what’s going on there. It’s also known as the Sacral chakra that takes care of your emotions and sexuality. Its blockage may make you feel shame, lack of pleasure or fear of pleasure. 

At a physical level, the Sacral chakra blockage may give you fertility issues, sexual disorders, even allergies and kidney pains. 

If you recognize some of these characteristics, it’s time that you take care of your chakra. What you can do to open it is do activities related to its Element – water. Go swimming, spend time close to places with water, that could be lakes, rivers or the ocean, or  take a relaxing bath.

Also, this chakra’s color is orange, so when it comes to nutrition, eat lots of oranges, carrots, mangoes, melons, anything orange you might think of! And you know what else is beneficial? Try surrounding yourself with orange colors, maybe wear those crazy orange pants you dumped at the bottom of the wardrobe. 

Now let’s see about the third Chakra –  the Solar Plexus Chakra.This chakra takes care of your overall levels of confidence, power and joy, so when this chakra is blocked you feel general apathy, experience feeling of rejection and low self-esteem. 

On a physical level the blocked solar plexus chakra manifests itself by giving you belly pains and general stomach problems, muscle cramps, eating disorders and even diabetes.

To help unblock this Chakra, apart from proper meditation, you need to know its element is Fire, so activities related to fire are very beneficial. Spend some time sitting around a bonfire, or meditate while enjoying as much bright sunlight as possible. Also, because yellow is the solar plexus  color, any yellow foods could help – eat pineapple, bananas, ginger and turmeric. And feel free to wear your yellow clothes and accessories! 

Let’s move to the fourth chakra! That’s the heart chakra, or Anahata.

The heart chakra is your source of joy, happiness and love. It lets the energy of love flow freely and makes you caring and generous. You can guess what happens when this chakra is blocked! You are filled with anger and jealousy, even growing to self-hatred. 

Because this chakra is associated with the element of air, let its element help you unblock it. Breathe deeply, take a boat ride, expose yourself to winds. Allow the winds to blow away the reasons for your blockage and set your chakra free to absorb the cosmic energy. 

And don’t forget nutrition – nutrition is just as important, so focus on foods that have the color of this chakra – green. Eat the spinach, enjoy avocados, broccoli, kale, anything you like! 

Okay, let’s see now the fifth chakra – that’s your Throat Chakra.

Throat Chakra is associated with self-expression, communication and truth. It holds the color blue and the element of sound. It’s the source of spiritual guidance because it sends and receives messages and communicates with the cosmic energy.

When Throat Chakra is blocked, the energy doesn’t flow through it and you start fearing sharing your authentic truth because of being judged, or not being accepted. You can’t express your desires and opinions, and you fear changes. 

Physically, this chakra’s blockage can cause throat problems and infections, fatigue, and weight problems.

If you recognize any of these happening with you, now is the time to start taking care of the spiritual communicator within you, and open this chakra for the energy to flow freely. 

To unblock it, first and most important: meditate. Sitting in open spaces and enjoying the view of the open sky is a great way to allow the energy to flow. Don’t forget that sound is the element of this chakra, so chant positive melodies as much as possible! 

When it comes down to nutrition, this  chakra associate with the colors blue and dark purple, so any fruits and veggies in these colors are beneficial, especially blueberries and currants.

Now let’s move to the upper Chakra – the Third-eye Chakra.

Ajna is the Chakra of the intuition, the wisdom and the higher self. When it’s working well and balanced, it allows you to see beyond the surface, in the realms of the spirit world.

When Throat Chakra is blocked, you usually have trouble thinking straight, you start being delusional about situations, you’re anxious and even have a lot of nightmares. On a physical level, a blocked Throat Chakra can cause you plenty of head troubles starting from migraine to learning disabilities, eye and ear problems.

To help your Third-eye chakra open and balance you, keep in mind this one is associated with light, that’s its element. So any activities related to sunlight exposure are more than welcome. Try enjoying stillness and meditation under the sunlight more often, that’s such a good thing to do to open Throat Chakra for the cosmic energy to flow! 

Also,Throat Chakra likes indigo and purple, so think about more foods from this gamma while balancing this chakra – from blueberries to grapes and purple kale.

The last chakra – the Crown Chakra is the highest one, which makes it very special. When this chakra is well balanced, it takes care of all the other chakras, but to get to this one, it takes a lot of meditation and spiritual growth.

The Crown chakra, which is on top of your head, is responsible for your connection to the higher consciousness. To keep this chakra balanced, you have to take care of all the elements and connect to them with your wholeness. 

Crown chakra usually shows you something is not okay when you feel disconnected, isolated and generally lack direction in your life. Physically, its blockage manifests itself with mental health and conditions.

Because that’s the highest of chakras, taking care of it doesn’t rely on nutrition, but on spiritual practices such as self-reflection and prayers.

You can see that each chakra plays a special role in your spiritual body, and each corresponds to specific areas, organs and conditions. They connect you to the ultimate cosmic healing energy, and keep you healthy both on a physical and astral level. Keep in mind that unblocking your chakras shouldn’t be the usual case, because you can just keep them balanced by practicing regular meditation and yoga.

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