3d to 5d what does it actually mean? What's the difference between 3D/4D and 5D?

It is my intention that this blog gives you a better picture when people refer to 3d, 4d and 5d dimensions. There is no question that there are other dimensions or worlds in this Universe. You may have seen them in your dreams or through astral travel. You may have had a deja vu encounter or just realized during a prayer that there are so much more to what we can grasp.

We have multiple dimensional states of awareness just as we have different dimensions in our Universe. These accessible dimensions on Earth are referred to as 3D, 4D, and 5D.

These dimensions are not physical locations, but rather states of consciousness. On Earth, we all experience life in 3D, 4D, 5D, or a blend of all three. In reality, the majority of individuals on Earth are most frequently going back and forth between two or three of these different states of awareness depending on the place they are in their life. Even though we all live on the same planet and are surrounded by the same reality, our perspective of it will vary based on the level of awareness we choose to view things from.

Others who perceive things in 3D will experience life very differently from those who perceive things in 5D. 3D awareness is a totally physical way of looking at things. You are seen as a distinct individual from others.

The way you appear, the job you have, the car you drive, and the people you hang around with all give off the impression that life is a game of "survival of the fittest." You are afraid about missing out or not having enough.

Things are seen as good or terrible, and life is a competition. There is not enough for everyone, and some individuals miss out.  Your ideas have no influence on your reality, and whatever happens to you in life is just coincidental, that is all 3D awareness.

You navigate the environment using your five senses.

Living in the 3D state brings about a lot of delight, but it can be challenging to control discomfort and you have more intense emotions. It is simple to return to a 3D state when in 4D, but this shift in consciousness is far more difficult when in 5D.The thought that we are all related and that there is more to life than meets the eye begins to awaken 4D consciousness.

In 4D you begin to understand thoughts have tremendous power and may alter how reality is seen.Duality and the concept of good and evil are still present, but there is greater compassion and understanding behind it in 4D consciousness. An introduction is given to the value of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, meditation, and interest in the esoteric. 

There is a tremendous desire to discover your mission and pursue your hobbies. You recognize that life is supposed to be celebrated and that you are deserving of living the life of your desires. Your insight begins to grow and expand as you see the world through your six senses. You seek a higher purpose in life and can begin to recognize the Universe's synchronicity and magic.

Higher levels of awareness are thought to be accessible only after we have departed our physical bodies. However, these states are accessible through hypnosis, dreams, and even specific Ayurvedic medications.

There are three major variations in higher states of consciousness:

-Time perception
-The power of thinking
-Oneness feelings

It is considered that in 6D and 7D our thoughts are so strong that we may go to any location by just thinking about it. In these states, we have a very clear grasp of oneness consciousness and are able to go as quickly and as far as we wish without a physical body. Time is not linear and cannot be measured; rather, it appears to be infinite.

In these states of being, there is no fear, and everything is viewed from a perspective of pure, unconditional love. Higher levels, such as 8D, 9D, and 10D, are said to allow us to travel to various galaxies, combine with other members of our soul group, and return our energy to the Source.

We have the option of reincarnating in one of these higher star systems or back on Earth. The soul might also choose to progress to greater levels of consciousness. It is my intention that this blog gives you a better picture when people refer to 3d, 4d and 5d dimensions . Thanks for reading all the way and check out my other topics from my blog :)

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