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What makes water so powerful, giving healing powers? To be honest one of my worst nightmares is that I was drowning. This is scary because i dont know how to swim. A lot of people said I was missing out, but I have other plans on using water to my advantage.

Water is essential for life, from the blood that delivers nutrients through our bodies to the lakes and oceans that sustain the animal and plant kingdoms. It pervades every aspect of our existence. Our bodies are composed of 55 to 75 percent water. We consume it. We soak in it. This vital element covers more than 70% of the planet. Water's adaptability allows it to pass across both land and sky. It may be found frozen in glaciers, flowing freely in rivers, and floating in clouds before coalescing and falling as rain.

Many ancient societies, and more and more researchers from our modern world believe that water is a living substance, and  water can hear, absorb information, transfer and memorize it.

According to the hypothesis of "water memory," a material that has been diluted in water might leave an impression or retain a "memory." Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author, expands on this theory by claiming that human awareness affects the molecular structure of water. Blessings and prayers, he believes, may transform the molecular structure of water and give it greater energy. Though notions of water memory have yet to be definitively verified, they do exist in ancient religions.

Water-Memory ⋆ Quantum World: Awaken Your Mind

Various cultures include examples of infusing water with sacred properties. Balinese priests and priestesses imprint water with mudra and mantra to ensure that it successfully carries God's blessing throughout the rite. Water can be sanctified by ministers and priests in Christianity via prayer and ceremony so that it can be used for communion and healing.

Water in one place is not the same as the water anywhere else in the world because it responds to its environment!

I want you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine you are in a very different place right now - it’s calm and silent, gentle winds are blowing and you are laying on a calm water surface, completely relaxed. 

You hear birds singing in the distance. 

Think of yourself as a fish, and imagine water is your home. Now relax and allow your body to immerse in water, gently move around, and feel how powerful you are. Every slight movement you make produces a powerful motion and moves you forward. Your body and mind are aligned and you dance in the water. Now slowly push yourself back to the surface.

How did that feel? A bit weird right but relaxing.

Water is the most ancient form of medicine - even Buddha treated people with this sacred liquid. But water as medication is not only ancient, it’s also universal – it has its sacred place across many religions!

For example, one of Ayurveda’s principles for healing is a regulated way of drinking hot water. This procedure prevents the formation of toxic substances in your body.

Chinese medicine has a special place for water too. The doctors of the East view diseases as disbalances in the body, and they often fix them using water, because water holds the pure energy Qi.

Vedic culture also puts water on pedestals. Wisdom says that water is the element that serves as a connector, it connects the individuals with the universe. 

And in Egypt it was water’s sacred qualities that inspires the Egyptians to build temples for drinking water and bathing.

Water has a very significant position in Christianity as well. Baptism allows you to enter into the religion, and baptism is performed either by sprinkling water or immersing partially or the whole body in the holy water.

So, see, it was long, long ago when water’s sacred qualities and benefits were discovered by the ancient, and we still follow many of them. The ancient even believed that the divine spark of life is written in the memory of water. Water has the ability to perceive and remember every interaction with the surrounding environment. Yes, you got that right - this means it remembers every touch and vibration. 

Every water cell contains hundreds of thousands of information panels responsible for different interactions. It reacts strongly to various emotional states in the ether or in the body, and it changes its structure accordingly.

Think of water as a living organism. Positively structured water has good properties, just like a healthy balanced organism, while negatively structured water reminds of a sick organism. And you yourself can give structure to water by the way.

That’s why the ancient have created so many rituals with water that we still stick to today. 

Think of the Christian priests blessing the water. What they actually do is they structure water in a positive way, giving water healing powers.Holy Water, that ritual is still around.

But wait, there’s more coming! Water does not only react to emotions and words, but it can also hear and respond to music. Isn’t that crazy? 

If you keep your water around when listening to relaxing music and beautiful melodies, it registers and remembers the vibrations and even responds by forming harmonious structures. That’s an easy way to ‘charge’ water positively.

When we look into religions and traditions, Priests in the Balinese traditions purify and sanctify water using mantras and mudras as well, and they have discovered water’s memory abilities long before we started talking about that.

Bali is the world’s spa and wellness destination, right? Bali is the Mecca of Spa and the world’s number 1 yoga hub with so many yoga venues placed next to each other. What makes the experience there so powerful is... guess what! You got that right: water!

If you’re thinking you need to go to these holy places in order to get the benefits of their sacred waters, you are wrong! Remember I told you water has memory? You can actually use your consciousness to change the structure of water and make your own holy water!

There are a couple of small daily rituals you can do to connect with water on a spiritual level.

You can start with the smallest ritual of giving thanks when drinking water. 

Another tiny but powerful ritual you can do is use a written prayer.

Take a moment before you go to sleep, and write your own prayer, or something that has special meaning to you on a piece of paper. Wrap your prayer then around your bottle of water, and while you do it, focus your mind on the water and imagine how it absorbs the power of your written words. When you wake up and drink it, remind yourself of the prayer on the paper, ald allow the power to immerse you.

Drinking a glass of hot water in the morning is a healthy  habit, you’ll notice that over time this calms your central nervous system, it aids digestion, improves blood circulation, decreases stress and may even help in weight loss.

A tiny daily ritual that can help you purify your spiritual and emotional body is when bathing, imagine the water cocooning your body with love. Imagine the powerful flow of water going from up towards the ground as a divine flow that cleanses your soul, pulling the negative energy down to the ground and removing it from you.

This is a very simple ritual, but if you really do it, you’ll notice you feel reborn after each shower.

There is another, a bit more time-consuming ritual, but you’ll be really grateful after you do it! I call it The magic bathtub. It’s more of a bathing ceremony because it reminds of some Ayurvedic practices.

So, fill your bathtub with warm water, place a few candles around it. You can also put some flowers in the water and use essential oils. Play some mind soothing chants, or relaxing music, maybe even prayers. Whether you’re listening to prayers or relaxation music, close your eyes and focus on it. Relax, meditate or examine your breath. Really take the time to immerse completely in the relaxation! When you’re done, you can massage your body with oils.

I do this bathing ceremony sometimes and it makes me feel super relaxed. Sometimes I even think about some situations and I feel like I’m looking at them through a different perspective, and that helps me so much in understanding them.

And my last ritual trick is a very powerful one because it connects you directly with nature!

Pick a place in nature that makes you feel relaxed, whether it’s a river or a canyon, or a coast that inspires you. You have to decide what’s your own way to connect with water – you may bathe in it or just sit or lay close to it. You may take a few candles with you, or flowers. Place them around you as you lay, and focus on the powerful sound of water. Prepare your own prayer and recite it aloud or internally.This ritual is actually inspired by the Hindu faith. It will help you achieve spiritual purification by using the most powerful resource – the natural sources of water.

Moon Water is Water that has been magically charged using moonlight. However, Moon Water isn't just created under the Full Moon; instead, it can be created using any phase of the Moon and therefore has different properties. If you are looking to work with a Moon phase, but weren't able to during the actual phase, Moon Water is an excellent substitute!

Types of Moon Water

New Moon Water: Water charged under the New Moon. Great for spells relating to new beginnings, such as a new job or business, new relationships, or if you are moving to a new place. New Moon Water is also great for watering newly planted seeds.

Waxing Moon Water: Water charged under the Waxing Moon. Great for spells relating to manifestation, attraction, growth, development, and evolution. Waxing Moon Water is great for success and money spells, as well as luck spells.

Full Moon Water: Water charged under the Full Moon. This is probably the most common form of Moon Water and can be used to strengthen spells and spiritual power. It can be used for just around anything, including bath and beauty spells.

Waning Moon Water: Water charged under the Waning Moon. Great for spells relating to banishment, and removals. Whether you are looking to get rid of a person, habit, or spirit, Waning Moon Water is the most potent Moon Water for getting rid of things.

Dark Moon Water: Water charged under the Dark Moon. While there is no moonlight during a Dark Moon, the energy of the moon is still potent. Dark Moon Water is best for hexes, curses, binding, and other otherwise "baneful" magic. On a lighter note, Dark Moon Water is excellent for justice spells, shadow work, protection magic, and death magic.

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