Day 1: What if your birthday is not a coincidence?


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Hey there and welcome aboard!

Guess what? It's the kickoff of the "Your Birthday is Not A Coincidence" FREE WORKSHOP – Day 1 style! Get ready to have your mind blown on a daily basis as we unleash a whirlwind of numerology wisdom upon you. 🌪️ But don't worry, we're not asking you to throw away your skepticism entirely.

We're just nudging you to open the door to new perspectives and boundless possibilities.

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In this captivating realm of numerology, each number gets its own backstage pass to an archetype party.

Imagine the universe as numbers playing the role of archetypes.

They're all around us: in letters, words, names, and, of course, birthdates.

We're talking about power-packed info that can shake up your career, sprinkle stardust on your relationships, and give your personal growth a turbo boost.

Before our next episode of numerology extravaganza, ponder these gems:

  1. What attracted you to sign up for this course? 
  2. What is one information that shocked you in this lesson?

Buckle up for Day 2 –  🌟

See you tomorrow!



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