2023: What are some self love goals? New year resolution work-life balance.

How to Stay Motivated to Reach Your New Year Goals - Every Day a New Beginning 

We are already well past the usual time frame of giving up those new year goals. Statistically it doesn’t take long. If you yearn to be someone who actually sticks to their resolutions, try shifting the focus from striving to reach impossible targets to learning how to integrate your goals into your life in a lasting way. 

We love the idea of January 1st for goal-setting because symbolically a new year is about inspiring new beginnings. Try using that symbolism and applying to the start of every single day. In fact forget about the New Year entirely and just treat each day as January 1st. 

The number one key is to make realistic goals that are both sustainable and effective for you. When you try to achieve things through sheer force of willpower, you actually are less likely to succeed. The energy and power with which you set your intentions and the different skills you develop to execute your goals is far more beneficial in the long term. 

  1. Focus on Your Desires: Believe it or not the way we frame our goals in our heads is very important. Equally the words we use to describe them. If you feel like you get sucked into mindless internet surfing instead of being creative, phrase the goal in a positive way and focus on what you can achieve. Don’t ban yourself from surfing the web, just limit the time “Spend ten minutes a day twice a day on social media.” It is easier to respond to a positively phrased resolution because you are achieving something rather than trying to eliminate something. 
  2. Practice Appreciation: Begin any new endeavors with a sense of gratitude for things already accomplished. Appreciate everything in your life, people, places, things, jobs and practice gratitude each day for all that already exists. When you really make an effort to appreciate your life, the confidence and trust needed to stick at new things comes much more easily. 
  3. Accept Where You Are: Get really clear about who you are and what you intend for yourself. It can help to journal about where you are currently and where you ideally want your life to go. Don’t hold back, just get to a point where you know yourself inside out. This means you’re going to have to accept where you are in an honest way and surrender to it. From this calm and grounded standpoint you will gain the confidence and inspiration to start making goals that bring you into alignment with who you want to be, every day.
  4. Measure your Progress: Celebrate the small victories as you go along. If you break down progress weekly, or even daily, you will be inspired and feel far more motivated to continue. Begin by prioritizing and scheduling your time effectively, even if you wouldn’t normally need to schedule the goal, do it anyway. If it’s taking an hour each week to declutter, put in the calendar as though it were an appointment. Be realistic about what you can fit into your day and find satisfaction in highlighting achievements or ticking goals off your list each day. 
  5. Share Your Goals: It can help to make yourself accountable for all these new resolutions by sharing them with friends or family. It can take courage to go public, especially if you are afraid you might fail! By doing so however, you bring your desires into the open in a way that will actually increase your success rate. You could even compose an email or letter to yourself, with a list of your intentions written out (or send it to others). Aside from the support (and celebrations when you succeed!) it’s  great way to ensure that your self discipline gets a boost. 
  6. Be Resilient: Don’t give up! Be patient with yourself and realise that you might skip a day of yoga, or maybe you just really needed to eat that donut. Whatever it is, see it as a small, temporary set-back and carry on regardless. The moment you let small failures overwhelm the larger intentions you are likely to start making excuses for giving up entirely. Part of success is finding reasons in everything to become even more empowered and committed to your life. 

We’ve all heard that the joy of life is in the journey, but to really embody that concept means realizing that goal setting is actually about loving life every single day, on the way to those goals. Tomorrow never comes because when it comes, it’s today. If you want to change your life in a positive fashion, the best thing you can do is appreciate life in every single moment, on the way to all you aspire to be, do and have.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end.

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