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End 2022 with better clarity with this workshop for only $17!




2022 is a universal 6 year. 
6 universal years are usually when relationships either make it or break it.
Perhaps, you won’t feel so worry too much if you knew that
this is the time for you to be single and grow so you are prepared for the next universal year which is a 7.


Did you know your first name is how you behave at work? 
Your middle name is how you behave in your relationships.
And the last name represents the family dynamic you chose to be born to,
what you are here to learn from them and what they are  to learn from you!


When you peel the layers of the onion of your own self, you are going to fall in love with yourself.

That's just how it goes. The more you know yourself, the more you're aware of the bits of pieces that you need to work on and you work on those.

You build such a strong relationship with yourself.

You are kind to yourself. You let the drama go. You don't judge yourself so harshly. You trust yourself. You trust your judgment.

You're perceiving things through clarity and truth rather than illusion and paranoia because of the stuff you've got going on.

This is a training you never seen before on the internet.

No one breaks it down as simple as I do which is why I am pioneer in what I do.

I used to:

→ Cry every night before I go to bed.
→ Dreaded waking up in the morning just to feel empty and lonely again.
→Don't know how to make money and start my own business.
→ Frustrated that I keep repeating the same patterns such as dating narcissistic men!
→ Doubted my purpose in this life.
→ Confused what my talents and gifts are.
→ Wondered if there is a higher purpose or intelligent beings out there.
→ Afraid I'll be abandoned once more.
→ Desperately craving freedom—in time, finances and  life.


Everything in the cosmos vibrates. If it vibrates, we can measure it. And what do we use to measure things?

Letters and numbers.

 What I decided to do was to really help you understand how you are unique by your life path number and then how you actually could enhance that ability that you have inherently because everybody's name and birthday holds a different discovery.

I’m going to teach you about each number in depth from 1 to 9 and then I'm going to dive in deeper on your soul purpose, personal years, destiny numbers and we're going to have a conversation about how 2022 affects your particular life path and what the numbers 1-9 means and why it means what it means and the history of the mathematician Pythagoras that brought numerology to the western world.

→ Navigate the sadness, illusion, pain, despair, lack and fear in your current  experience and create more and more trust, freedom, clarity, strength, power and wisdom in your daily life.

→Connect to a more spiritual side of the world.

→Expand your knowledge on personal development.

→ Own it! Wanting More + Having More with No Judgment or Guilt. 

→ Not Needing People to Like You.

→ Experience energetic, emotional, mental shifts (in the form of relief, confidence, understanding, clarity, and simply feeling better).

→ Receiving and Taking Your Own Unique Path Inspired by Numerology

→ To know the power and worth of your desires, voice and dreams 



  Understanding the astonishing level of order in the universe, and how it applies to you!

The world follows a basic rhythm that repeat themselves over and over again and it also applies to you!

→ Learn the personalities, challenges, life lessons for all The Basics Numbers of 1 to 9 

→ Calculating and finding out which number represents your true nature, the you that only you know. This number represents who you were in prior lives. It shows part of your collected growth from previous incarnations and becomes an underlying force that impacts your behavior in this existence. 

 → Making sense of your relationships, unexplainable desires, and prior heartbreaks through your name and birthday.

 → Explaining why you chose certain job choices, had financial challenges, and where you should spend your time, energy, and resources to generate prosperity and abundance more readily... through your name and birthday.

 → Are you seeing repeating numbers? You're not crazy, it's REAL!

 → Limiting beliefs: Deciding how the world works for you and next level of growth of abundance. 

→ The meaning of your Karmic Lessons and Karmic Debt calculated from your name.

→ You are in a cycle just like nature. What cycle are you currently in? Discover your personal years and months.

→ But, most importantly, we will reveal the road you must take from now on, the obstacles ahead, and the possibilities you must embrace to make the most of every single moment beginning today... through your name and birthday. 

→The Energy of 2022

→What they don't tell you about affirmations

→Authentic Self Meditation

→Candle Relaxation Meditation 


→Journal Prompts

→Strategic Homework

Have you ever glanced around your friends and pondered why their lives seem to be moving ahead?

(falling in love, getting married, having children, satisfied with their career, jobs,
making good money, having a terrific social life) 
while yours appears to be  stagnant or worse, moving backwards? 

Have you ever wondered,

"When is it going to be my turn?"

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  • It is all in your name and birthday. 

  • Did you know each letter of the alphabet has a personality of its own? 
  • When you strum a guitar with different chords, you can hear different tones of music because each chord vibrates with different frequencies.
  • Like notes in music, your name have their own distinct energy frequency.  
  • By pairing the letters of your name with your date of birth, the frequencies will disclose your unique features, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as their impact on your future experiences.
  • Everything, including names, words, birth dates, and birthplaces, may be reduced to numbers in order to identify people's personalities, fates, and riches.

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Learn all about the challenges and strengths of all the life paths from 1 to 9. 

Life paths are like seeds that you plant on the day of your birth.

Your accumulated wisdom lies from different lifetimes and accessing this knowledge will make your life more simple for you.

You have the knowledge to provide direction in your life and there would be no doubt about which talents or abilities you should tap into! 

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The coronavirus epidemic and inflation is bringing ancient anxieties to the forefront.

These concerns, ideas of scarcity and lack, fear-based limiting beliefs, and whatever else is upsetting you have always existed within you.

Coronavirus just provided an occasion for them to surface, allowing you to FINALLY go through them.

What a fantastic chance to use this time to rewire your brain.


There has never been a finer time to do this course.

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How is 2022 impacting you so far?

Let's find out how and what your personal year can do for you.

When you know your Personal Year Number, external situations and events make much more sense to you, because you can put them in the context of specific patterns described by this number. 

You can consciously take advantage of opportunities that are aligned with the blueprint for your life.

You know their greater purpose, because you are connected to your personal rhythm of life.

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You can look at numerology as a road map to your life.
Where did it all come from?

Each letter of the alphabet has a different numerical value, and each number has a different meaning.

Like notes in music, they each have their own distinct energy frequency. 

Astrology, numerology, tarot and other ancient knowledge and wisdom have been demonized, called crazy and other labels to mislead the masses from using these ancient ways to obtain true knowledge of self.

Numerology is just another way of knowing yourself.

As a soul, we all have an agenda before we are born, as to what we would like to learn and how we would like to grow.

And through the course of this life, that blueprint is shown in our birth certificate and our date of birth, which believe it or not show the struggles and the challenges we were born to overcome.

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How to use all this knowledge to and apply it to everything and every person you know.

Money, love, happiness, hope, beauty are such a stressor for so many people.

And now I'm in that place in my life where I finally understand it.

Society has misled you.

The general population unfortunately believe that money, love, happiness, beauty are limited.

It's hard to come by.

It's evil and we can only receive it if we work extremely hard or by being greedy, selfish or lucky. 

None of the above is true.

The above is an idea that you cannot grow your mindset.

Nobody is truly stuck on any level.

You can have whatever you want, however much that you want.


"It's so empowering, enlightening, informative, and motivating!" - Stephanie G. 

This was MUCH MORE than had anticipated, I feel like I've advanced to the next level! -Nichole  

"I am so grateful to of jumped on this opportunity! I now have an overwhelming sense that I've got this. I felt so many shifts from the beginning of the training on. Thank you so so much-Allison 

Dayummm this training is speaking to my soul right now! -Talilah 

GOLD! - Carrie V.

These meditations are so powerful. Thank you-Cathy 

This program really spoke to me.  I'm delighted! -Janice C. 

Mind blown. - Colette

I am so freaking grateful for all of these affirmations and reflections!!-Olga 

Hi, I'm 


I am 39 years old and live in the United States of America.

I lucid dream. I astral travel.

This all started as my latent abilities became obvious in my 30's and I could not deny being a skeptic anymore.


The world of the esoteric and spiritual can be a treacherous territory, especially for those just starting to enter.

With me as your compass you will have all the tools you need right at your fingertips!


Bernadette (me), is the best person to help you tackle this by pulling on my own unique background of being born to a Buddhist mom and Hindu father and raised as a Catholic while living in Malaysia.

Later on, I moved to the United States and worked in Silicon Valley before leaving tech in 2019.

All of these gave me exposure in different cultures and experiences very intimately. 

Given this diversity of thought and experiences, I come with a very interesting approach to spirituality.

It doesn’t matter what you believe because you can embrace spirituality without being attached to a particular religion or worldview. 

I pursued numerology studies when I kept seeing 11:11 and other angel numbers appearing. I found out that our spiritual memory is in our DNA and activates when we awaken to the connection with spirit!

Crazy huh? It’s like a plot of a movie. This is my life now in 2022. Before this, I had a “ NORMAL LIFE ”


Since I was a teenager, I have battled with not knowing what my purpose is.

During my pivotal teenage years my father abandoned my family and he never turned back. I’m now 39 years old.

This event shaped my relationships with myself, with men, and how I interact with the World.

For decades I woke up dreading the day each and every day. During this time no drugs, no man, and no amount of money could save me. In college I studied Sociology for my Bachelors and have a Masters in Information Technology and worked in tech at Silicon Valley before the company got acquired by Amazon.

I love my new life and the adventure it brings, what a turn of events!

Lashes Sign Up Sticker by sorellelash 2023 will be such an epic year if you shift your energy,

open your palms to receive and truly allow in more.


Join me and discover the exact formula on how you can create a

life full of passion, purpose and abundance for yourself. 




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