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How good would it feel to finally have what most spend their entire life seeking and never obtaining: a true sense of FREEDOM and INNER PEACE.

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21 videos with self exploration homework


I had no choice but to love myself. I exhausted all other options.
It looked like this: I stopped stuffing down my painful emotions. I ran from nothing.


I allowed myself to feel everything.


I felt it as deeply as I could could.


I felt profound pain more intensely and fully than I have ever felt before.


It hurt a substantial volume. I went through long periods, lifespans, and thicknesses of misery.

Over it all, I kept my composure. I put it down on paper. I screamed.


I made every effort not to pass any conclusions.


Without proving her wrong, I looked at really bruised pieces of myself and loved the hell out of her.


I hugged myself in my arms.

And once the little girl in me had been consoled and the questioning adolescent in me had been heard, I returned control to the adult me, who only desires the best for myself.


This show is directed by me.

Every moment, “bad emotions” surfaced, I vented it all. I didn't hold anything back.
I gave myself permission to be insecure, insane, jealous, weird, abandoned, lonely, and so on.


The countless times per day that I felt nothing, wrote everything, and kept myself together over an anxiety of being abandoned, poor at relationships, or unhappy was how often a day that I feel all of it, wrote everything, and nurtured myself through it.

It terrified me.

Then the most remarkable thing happened.


I began to feel more connected to myself.


I had a clearer picture of myself.


I'm learning to trust myself more.


I did, in truth, take better care of myself.

The point is this: There is nothing left to prove to anyone.

I have me.

I got me.

I love me.


This is all free to learn on my 21 days of inner child healing!!!