What Is The Hidden Meaning of Seeing Repeating Numbers?

How is this related to escaping the Matrix we keep hearing about?

Prepare yourself to go into multiple rabbit holes. 

It's time to awaken and leave this paradigm behind.

There are higher places waiting for you.

Are you ready to be open minded and ready to receive the messages at hand?

What does this look like? Here are a few considerations to start with:

  • A number is not just a number, everything in the cosmos is made of energy, vibrations, and frequencies.

  •  Every number contains a unique energy signature, just like every soul. 

  • They and we each possess a special significance and resonance that arouses a particular energy inside ourselves and throughout the entirety of life.

Returning to the world changed by the journey. After awakening from the matrix, we must continue to live in the same world we always did.

The world is the same as when we left, only we are different.

Yes, please!

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