Why do we carry emotional baggage?

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We ALL, every single one of us, are carrying something from our past.

We all carry some sort of emotional baggage with us,

but we unknowingly choose to ignore it because it’s not physical, it’s not there, in front of our eyes.  

Our emotional baggage is what happened to us in the past, and the past affects who we are today

- it influences the way we think and feel and act. 

Every trauma we’ve gone through in life, no matter how big or small,

produced some kind of an emotional baggage.

Unless we consciously choose to deal with our emotional baggage, we end up carrying it through life.  

One of the main reasons for our emotional baggage has everything to do with our upbringing and past experiences.

In an attempt to recognize our own baggage,

we’ve got to make the connection between a present belief and a past event.

Heal your inner child

heal your soul.

As a person in today's world, there are a lot of external factors that can cause us to feel stressed, anxious, depressed, and confused.

Just know, that you are not alone.

Everyone has a wounded inner child.

This free guide comes with a quiz that helps you identify your inner child and taking steps to heal yourself and your inner child.

If any of the factors below are causing you to feel like you are not able to live your happiest life then you will definitely love this guide. 

  • Relationship Conflict
  • Stress & Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Parent Divorce

This guide is designed to: 

  • Get relief from the feeling of deep longing and emptiness inside.
  • Discover the root of where your emotional distress is coming from and what are the key triggers that fire up your emotional response. 
  • Feel more at ease with yourself as you are, without comparing yourself to others.
  • Sleep better at night as a deep inner feeling of peace and well being start to grow.
  • Have more peace of mind as you develop a kinder, gentler approach to yourself and your life.
  • Change the way you perceive yourself and others. Positive Self Talk and more Self Love!
  • How to use music for healing especially your fav songs from your childhood.

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